One reader told me there was way too much text and reading at this web-site.  They just wanted to see pictures and if they couldn't figure out what or where it was they could click on it to get the answer.  Like a pictorial table of contents of sorts.  Well, don't let it be said that I'm not listening to your ideas.  Here is the first page of just such an idea.  WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE PICTURE IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PAGE WITH THE TEXT AND PICTURE, BUT NOT TO THE EXACT SPOT ON THE PAGE...(You have to work a little bit) 
The Linked Page will open in a new window      -----              More will be added shortly. 
This is the first 48 pictures of our PICTORIAL TABLE OF CONTENTS.  There are more than 350 pictures in this website and the rest will be added shortly.  Actually, I think this is a pretty good idea.  Thanks Jenn.


One Web-Site User had an Idea --- I'm listening

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                  Clint Burke Glen Depot 1940 Elmcrest Inn
Logging Rocky Branch 1914
Coles Cabins          
Crawford Notch view 1913 Saco River Cabins Crystal Hills Lodge
Eudy, Leonard and Ephraim cannells
  Orin Cook 1945 Silver Springs Tavern
The Clarendon in the 30's Les and Meg Brown Family Glendennings Camps Peg Mill 1912
Willey House Station Spruce Knoll Pendexter Mansion
Click to enlarge     Indian Chief Two Eagles
Bellevue hotel                Dr. George Harold Shedd                
Willey House 1920 George House in Passaconway
Loco 505 Goodrich cabins