The Forest Inn
This was called The Forest Inn located in Bartlett Village on the corner of Forest Ave and Rte 302..  This one should be an easy one for someone out there to provide me some background story.  Use the "contact" link above.
Dunrovin Inn Bartlett NH

The Dunrovin Inn
was originally the private Residence of GK Howard and before he opened the Howard Hotel he had taken in travellers at this location.  Eventually he sold the building to Elizabeth and John OConnell.  They operated it as an Inn until 1945. The postcard below, with a postmark of 1948, states the owners as George and Hazel Bennett of Jackson.  The building now serves as the Brettl-hupfers ski club.  Click on the image for a large size, and click on the postcard back side to read the message dated August 1948

Dunrovin Inn post card message

Postcard courtesy of Michael Bannon of Bartlett Village
Crawford Notch view 1913
CRAWFORD NOTCH POSTCARD DATED 1913 on the back side. Probable location is about a half mile west of where Silver Springs Campground was located.  We are looking east.  This card scanned from the collection of Michael Bannon.
Coles Cabins

Coles Cabins and Coles Restaurant
were operated by Henry and Sadie Cole beginning about 1935. It is said that Sadie had quite a temper and one needed to be alert for fry pans flying around.   Lewis Mead purchased the cabins and restaurant in 1955 and the bigger house in the background is where Lewis and Sandra Mead live.  Lewis died in 2008.  Click on the lower picture and you will see the gas pumps that, in 1935, were in the driveway of the main house. They were later moved eastward to the front of the cabin office. Sandra still lives in the main house and the cabins and restaurant building are now A Better Life Cabins.

Coles Restaurant

This picture is dated 1924 and the caption identifies Sadie Cole, Flor, Dell, Paul, Mara and V.   This photo courtesy Maureen Hussey.
Sadie Cole, Flo, Dell, 3 kids
Website editors note:  As I continue working on this web site I have noticed that in the 1930's practically every establishment had gasoline pumps. 

In fact, between North Conway and the entrance to Crawford Notch there was a gas station just about every mile or two....and I have seen pictures of at least six active gas stations in Bartlett Village alone during the 1930's-40's.

As late as 1970 the Village area had at least 5 operating gas and service stations.  Now there are none.

It also seems that practically everyone with a spare room was in the lodging business as well...

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The miniature picture below is the back side of the postcard picture shown in the box at left.  It's dated 1944 and is addressed to Paul Butler in Patterson, New Jersey.  Read the card by clicking on it.

The Gateway Cottages
The Gateway Cottages, later The Target, then The Abenaki Motel
Lodgings in the Upper Village - pg2
Silver Springs TavernSilver Springs Tavern and Cabins: The building pictured
here burned and was replaced with the existing building.  This property once belonged to
GK Howard, then Howard and Sadie Lowd who sold it to C.I. Pendelton. In the late 1940s it was owned by Henry Mead.  Eventually Emil Hanson rented it and in 1971Clinton Burke bought the business. Later Jerry and Dora English managed it. In 1976 the Schoen family took over and operated it as a popular campground until their retirement in about 2000.  The building has been unused since then and the campground closed..
silver springs bottle house
Henry Mead's Silver
 Springs Cabins.
Howards Camp - Later Silver Springs Bartlett, NH

These Photos are titled "Howard's Camp" and dated 1930 on the back.  It is recognizable as the later named Henry Mead's Silver Springs Campground.  Today you will find it as an un-named building about a half mile east of the Harts Location Town Line.  The building shown here was destroyed by fire and re-built. The once famed Sawyer's Rock is just around the corner on the left.  It has been mostly blasted away to widen the road.  CLICK PICTURES FOR A LARGER VERSION IN A NEW WINDOW.

Howard's Camp Bartlett NH 1930
Glendennings CampsGlendennings Cabins were owned and operated by Ray Glendenning in the 1930's.  Each of the ten cabins was just large enough for a bed and a burea.  They were located just east of the Bartlett Town Ball Field.  There are just two of these buildings still standing, one of which was recently repaired and resided.  Click the picture for a super sized version.
Silver Springs
Thank you to Michael Bannon for the scan of these two cards.
Silver Springs 1938

This card is dated 1938
Silver Springs Bartlett, NH

The little cottages/camps were minimalistic.  Most all of them were torn down or moved in the 1960's
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