Lodging in the Intervale Area
September 2009:  

Mount Surprise Cottage
Was in the Kearsarge Section of Bartlett.

Norman Head talked with a Mr. & Mrs. Paquette who were inquiring about a Mt Surprise Cottage that Mr. Paquette used to stay in as a child. At first blush it was thought it might be The Buttonwood Inn. The one thing he remembered was a Ma & Pa Gardner who ran it. The Paquettes did extensive research going to the town hall, The Buttonwood, etc. Norman called Marcia D & Jean Garland and it was not familiar to either of them. Anyway, after more research on the Paquettes part, which finally involved tracking down Donny Gardner (grandson of Ma & Pa Gardner), it was determined that Donny's grandparents (real names Alfred & Lula Gardner) did run the Mt Surprise cottage. It is where Clarence Tibbetts house is and is now owned by Rob & Nancy Clark. The Paquettes visited with Rob and he was completely unaware of the history, but was glad to find it out.

Pittman Hall, originally Grays Farm, operated mid 1930's

Pendexter Mansion
The Pendexter Mansion in Intervale.  STORY HERE

Read all about all the Intervale Inn's of the past in Aileen Carroll's book, The Latchstring Was Always Out Published in 1994
Bellevue hotel

The Bellevue Hotel
This book, Stagecoach and Tavern Days, (below) is a very good source for information relating to Tavern Keeping and travelling adventures in the 16, 17, and 1800's.  The complete book with all the chapters and a larger format, is available at various venues on-line.  Use google search and you will find it easily.
The Emerson Inn was later to be the Hampshire House, part of the New England Inn.
Bits & Pieces
Intervale Inn  Click on the picture for a high resolution image of

 The Intervale Inn in the 1940's
The Eastern Slope of the White Mountains was still a vast, untamed wilderness when the original farmhouse was built on this site by Samuel Bloodgood, in 1809. 
The Bloodgood farm was famous for its hospitality from the first and remained so during Samuel’s life and those of his sons and grandsons.

Among the third generation, Lyle Bloodgood had been a handsome, young and talented actor.  Returning in later life after extensive travels, he often regaled his guests with tales of the state.  His most exciting story was an eye-witness account of Lincoln’s assassination.  He had been one of the performers at Ford’s theater
in Washington on that fatal night.It was some years before this, in the late 1830s, that the farm had in fact become an inn, the owners
setting a sign at the roadside to invite the traveling public to their hearth and board.
Dick Badger, Local Realtor, shown with the unidentified new owners of New England Inn.  Probably late 1950's or early 1960's.  In 2013 I was told that Dick had resold this property at least 8 times during his career.

Dick Badger at New England Inn, intervale NH
Bellevue  Bellevue
Bellevue Annex  Bellevue porch scene
This is the Bellevue Annex.                            And Porch Scene at the Bellevue
Pendexter Mansion
Pendexter to Region House to Skirolean
Eastern Slope Signal Newspaper, 1963 Article about The Region House becoming the Skirolean Lodge.  This was formerly the Pendexter Mansion.
Undated newspaper clip for visitors expected at the Intervale House Intervale House undated newspaper clip
              Intervale Inn photo taken from down in the fieldIntervale Inn
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The Broadview 1924
Anybody ever heard of "Broadview" in 1924 ? 
may 2011:  Judy Curtis & Eliza Jane Curtis Know all about this cottage and provided the following information:

this was one of two neighboring summer cabins built in the early 1900's by each of the Burdett brothers, who founded Burdett College in Boston. The cabins are still standing, on Burdett Road (off 16A, across from Intervale Farm) in Intervale. The uphill cabin, built by C Fred Burdett, was named Intervale Overlook and the lower cabin (pictured on this postcard) was named Intervale Broadview. This cabin was built as a summer house for Charles Burdett and his wife Anna Burdett, who had two daughters, Camilla and Anne, whose signature is on that postcard. Their year-round residence was at 7 Mishawum Road in Woburn, Mass, which is now home of the Woburn Historical Society.

Charles was the artistic one of the two brothers, excelling in calligraphy, hence leading into the business school. His delight in artistry can be seen in the Japanese influenced roof line of the cottage.
The cabin pictured on this postcard is no longer in the Burdett family, though the other more rustic cabin, Overlook, remains in the Burdett family.

NOTE:  Here is a link to the burdett mansion in woburn, now home of the woburn historical society: 

Intervale House
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