From the town column in the April 4, 1895 issue of the North Conway Reporter:


Harry Kittridge and Fred Sinclair have arrived home from the south.
John Furnald and Miss Annie Chandler were recently united in marriage.
Miss Minnie Moore has arrived home.
Webster Colson and Miss Nettie Hill were united in marriage last week.
No. 1 circle of order of King's Sons and Daughters met at Mrs. Joseph Mead's home last Thursday.
There was an initiation at the Juvenile Temple Wednesday of last week.
There will be a box party at the town hall next Monday evening, given by No. 1 circle of King's Sons and Daughters.
Bits and Pieces
GRANT POST No. 91, G.A.R. - Regular meetings held on
the first Saturday evening of each month at 7 o'clock.

third Saturday evenings of every month.

Regular meetings held on Wednesdays at 2 p.m.

Union Sunday School at 2 p.m.
Rev. A.M. Freeman, pastor
Class meetings every Thursday evening at cottages.

Mrs. Ann Russell, leader
Regular meeting of No. 1 circle held on every Thursday at
2 p.m.  No. 2 circle every Friday at 2 p.m.

Downtown Glen
Pleasant Valley Farm (Bernerhoff)
Pleasant Valley Farm in Glen. Now the Bernerhoff.  Click Picture for a larger view.  Read details of this establishment  here
GLEN JUNCTION: circa 1952 
No Dairy Queen, No Gas Station, No Grocery Store.
The building that is now the Red Parka Pub was Ervin Grant's Hardware Store back in those days.  If you CLICK ON THE PICTURE you will get a super high resolution picture and be able to see the car accident in progress at the junction.  Photo courtesy of Alan Eliason (and Walker Eliason who flew the plane)
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West Side Rd
Fred Hanscom General StoreEveryone knows where The Red Parka Pub is located.  Well, it wasn't always a pub.  It started life as a General Store in the 1940's.

Nancy Grant Bartlett shared this information:   In 1952, the building that is now the Red Parka Pub was my parents' general store. In 1965, they built Grant's (on the hill), and Conway Supply (Bun Lucy) rented the "old store". A year later (I think - maybe it was two), my parents built the shopping center and Conway Supply moved there. At that time, my parents rented the building to Dottie and Rick Roderick, and they opened it as the Red Parka Pub. A couple of years later, the Rodericks moved back to Massachusetts. Dewey & Jean Mark and Al & Lois Nelson then leased it from my parents, and eventually Dewey and Jean purchased it. The rest, as they say, is history.... 

         More trivia - the house where Jen Forman lived was the station agent's house, and my great-grandfather, Frank Burnell, (Frank's picture is on the next Page) was the station agent. After Papa (my great-grandfather) died, the house was sold. I don't remember who bought it originally, but it was sold again in the 60's and became Vienna Lodge. The Vienna Lodge sign is also in the Pub at the Parka. My house (since 1968) is just before that.   Click Picture for a large size.
more Glen on pg 2
more Glen on pg 2
Bartlett Boulder

This old stereoscope slide shows the Bartlett Boulder suspended by four smaller boulders. 

It was once a very visible attraction but in recent years trees grew up and houses were built.  It is now in the backyard of a house opposite the Glen Warehouse. (Allen Road)

I don't know how they feel about folks traipsing about to search it out. 

There is no sign, so that might be a hint they hope you don't find it.... (just my guess)

Bartlett Boulder

And this image is dated about 1900
Storyland in Glen was founded in the early 1950's by Bob Morrell.  That's a whole story in itself, that I will get around to one of these days.  I would suppose this little map is from the very beginning days.

I recall once when my family went there in the mid 1950's and my older brother "Hap", who was about ten years old, was studying the old fire truck they had there and wondered why the siren didn't work.  Being a mechanical sort of kid he noticed that it was simply that the battery was disconnected and within five minutes he had it all connected and had the siren wailing.    The Storyland management was not impressed.  They didn't throw us out though. 

I have a dedicated page for Storyland at this LINK.

This post card was sent in by Diane Lambert and is labeled Cannell's, Glen, N.H.  The cars in this picture suggest a time frame in the 1920's.  The mountains in the background are suggestive of the area around the Intervale scenic vista...but the Cannell's did not move there until 1937.  I think a closer investigation will reveal this is a southwesterly view from their Glen location.
Glen Depot 1940
Glen Depot    1940
Glen Jackson Station Glen Jackson StationGlen Jackson Station.

Un-dated photos but probably 1920 or so.
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