Lodging in the Glen Area

The Glen Inn.  This was originally Stilphen's Farm; currently it is the Storybook Inn
Woodshed Wooden Horses

The Woodshed is located about a half mile west of the junction of West Side Road and Rte 302. Originally owned by Pop Fosey, beginning about 1920, he had six tourist rooms in the main house and eleven separate cabins. In the era of Prohibition it was a well known Roadhouse serving illegal alcoholic beverages. In 1953 the property was purchased by Bill and Evalyn Gimber and they operated it as an Inn and Restaurant until 1959. A prominent feature in those days were two wooden horses that stood guard out front. The Woodshed is now the private residence of Norman and Kathleen Head, the Gimber's son. Norman is a local Realtor and the President of the Bartlett Historical Society.

Source Material The Latchstring Was Always Out  Aileen Carroll, 1994.  Post card photos courtesy of Michael Bannon and Dave Eliason.
woodshed glen nh

The original Stilpen's Farm consisted of about 150 acres and the original structure was built in the mid 1820's.  A guide-book from the 1880's lists Cornelius Stilphen's boardinghouse with 20 rooms with rates from six to nine dollars a week.  Probably over the years the Stilphens had regularly taken in summer boarders as did many other farm families in that period.

Stilpen's Farm was sold in 1903 to the Libbeys of Gorham whose timberland abutted the Conway Lumber Company's Rocky Branch Holdings.  The Libbeys' logs were brought out of the woods by Conway Lumber Teams and loaded at the Maine Central Siding in Glen.  The former Stilphen farmstead served as a boardinghouse for the teamsters.  Fires occuring in 1912-1914 brought a halt to lumbering and the old Stilphen house was deserted until 1947 except for a caretaker, Percy Wells who did a little farming and attempted to keep the old house in a decent state of repair.

In 1947 the property was purchased by Raymond and Stella Clark.   They did extensive renovations and re opened it as the Storybook Inn.  In 1956 they added two additional wings and shortly after that added motel type units for a total of 78 rooms. The Clark's daughter Charless and her Husband Jan Filip now manage the place.
Pine Cottage and Cannell's CampsPine Cottage was the home of Minnie Cannell who operated Cannell's Camps.  This group of buildings is located between Jericho Road and what is now the Massa-Schussers Ski Club.  The cabins were a new idea for the travelling public and these were the second such group of cabins to be constructed in New Hampshire.  (The first were in Franconia Notch near the Old Man of the Mountains.)  In 1937 the Cannell's moved to their present location in Intervale across from the Scenic Vista.

Read more from the Source Material "The Latch String Was Always Out by Aileen Carroll 1994
Bits and Pieces
Accident, Jul 1880

Mountain Wagon Upset and Its Occupants Thrown on to the Rocks---One Lady Killed and Five Wounded. GLEN COVE, N. H., July 11 1880 The first accident by which any passengers were ever injured on the carriage road from Glen house to the summit of Mount Washington occurred this afternoon about a mile below the Half-way House. One of the six-horse mountain wagons, containing a party of nine persons, the last load of the excursionists from Michigan to make the descent of the mountain, was tipped over. One lady was killed and five others were injured.Soon after starting from the summit the passengers discovered that the driver had been drinking while waiting for the party to descend. They left this wagon a short distance from the summit, and walked to the Halfway House, four miles, below, where one of the employees of the carriage road company assured them that there was no bad place below, and that he thought it would be safe for them to resume their seats with the driver who was with them.Soon after passing the Halfway House, in driving around a curve too rapidly, the carriage was tipped over, throwing the occupants into the woods and on the rocks. Mrs. Ira Chichester, of Allegan, Michigan, was instantly killed, and her husband, who was sitting at her side, was slightly bruised. Of the other occupants, Mrs. M. L. Tomsley, of Kalamazoo, Mich., had her left arm broken and received a slight cut on the head; Miss Jessie Barnard, of Kalamazoo, was slightly injured on the head; Miss Ella E. Meller and Mrs. C. Ferguson, of Romeo, Mich., and Miss Emma Lamb, of Howell, Mich., were slightly injured. Miss Emma Blackman, of Kalamazoo, escaped without any injuries. The wounded were brought at once to the Glen House, and received every possible care and attention, there being three physicians in attendance.  Lindsey, the driver, was probably fatally injured. He had been on the road for ten years, and was considered one of the safest and most reliable drivers on the mountain. Mrs. Vanderhoot, of Chicago, also received slight internal injuries.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 13 Jul 1880
Pleasant Valley Hall, became Pleasant Valley Farm and then The Glenwood by the Saco.  Today it is known as The Bernerhoff.  Click picture for a supersize version.

Fairview Farm - Glenwood - Later Bernerhoff - Glen NHThis Glen area Inn originally opened as Pleasant Valley Hall in 1893.  The "Hall" part of the name came about because the proprietor's last name was Hall; probably a relative of Obed Hall who operated an Inn in Bartlett Village beginning in 1790.  It was operated primarily as a boarding house for teamsters and loggers.

 David and Marion Irving assumed ownership in 1928 and renamed the establishment to Pleasant Valley Farm. 

In 1937 T.H. Brooks took over and he renamed it to Glenwood by the Saco, reportedly because he so adored the big Glenwood Stove in the kitchen. 

Claire and Charlie Zumstein purchased the property in 1955 and renamed it to Bernerhoff, The House of Berne, which had been their hometown in Switzerland.  In 1971 Claire's nephew, Herman Pfeuti, took ownership of the Inn and continued the Swiss tradition.

 During the 1980's Ted and Sharonb Wrobleski operated the Inn using the same name.  They sold it sometime in the late 1990's and the subsequent owners became over-extended and the property was sold by foreclosure auction to the Realtor, Dick Badger.  His managers continue to operate the property as of this writing (Jan 2013).

Saco River Cabins
The Kennison's operated Saco River Cabins in Glen from about 1945 until 1969.  From 1969 until 1992 Clara and Al Forbes operated the cabins.  Al also operated the Sunoco Station in North Conway.  These cabins were just across the street from the covered bridge. 
Meadowbrook Motel / Wills InnThe Meadowbrook is just east of the Rte 302/West Side Road Junction in Glen.  It was a standard 1950's style motel with a couple of cabins.  It was built by a man named Schoner about 1945.  By 1990 the property was in a poor state of repair and was purchased by Bill Duggan who renamed it Will's Inn (after his son).  Bill did major repairs and now Will's Inn is back on track with 23 units and a new addition directly across the street.  Click picture for large size).
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