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Here is an interesting story we received by e-mail.  It sounded like Mr. Morton would like us to share it with you:

Hi to all in Bartlett , From Sanbornton  I attended the Bartlett village school from 1947 to 1952. Lucille Garland, rest her soul, would let me sleep everyday after lunch. This went on until the Christmas Vacation of first grade when my mother managed to adjust my sleeping habits. I imagine there was more than a little embarrassment on the part of my father Raymond who was the high school principal.

Bert, my father would give me 5cents each day at noon so I could go to your fathers store to buy The Boston Post. The paper cost 3 cents and each day I was allowed to keep the change. In later years my father called the two cents change transportation charges. But it didn't end there. After I had saved enough to do serious damage to the candy supply at the store it all came back to Franklin George. Oh what memories I have of Bartlett . I remember getting in trouble at Newton Howards store when I picked up an orange and put it in my pocket. No one saw it happen, but my mother found it in my coat and I was back to the store in a hurry with that orange. That was about the time of the big Brinks robbery in Boston and I was somehow headed for a big time career in crime in my mothers mind. A .few years later Newton died in the house that was behind the Bartlett Hotel. A Mr. Lane lived in the house and ran the hotel. His grandson is John Chandler, a cousin of Gene and nephew of Alice Davis. I was invited to spend the night there with John as he was up from Massachusetts to visit for a few days. When bedtime came I was shown to a room upstairs and was in bed when I made a remark about the huge four poster bed. It was then that I was told that I was in the bed used by Newton Howard. I only vaguely remember going down the stairs, but I was headed home in my night clothes.I could tell my memories for several pages, but I thought you might get a laugh about some contemporary Bartlett history.

My main purpose in this Email is to correct some mis-information written by a Jeremy Saxe with regard to Livermore and the Sawyer River Railroad.According to the account in your website which is the same as the account on abandoned, the village of Livermore was wiped off the face of the earth starting in 1935 and completed two years later. Now we know that is not true, because I remember going there as a kid with my Dad to fish in the river and looking into the house owned by the Saunders family. We went to an auction there I believe in 1952. Jimmie Clemons bought a lot of stuff including the interior of the Post Office .Maybe he bought the whole building. At the time of the auction there were two men who lived in Livermore . They did not speak to each other so the story went. The NH Legislature voted to allow the town to revert to a status whereby it no longer existed as a legal entity in 1952. I dont write to be a nit picker rather to set the record straight. Soon the people who remember Livermore will be gone and misinformation will become reality and history.

Do you remember Fred Washburn? He lived up the road about halfway between Franklins store and the crossing. He worked for the railroad and was also a plumber around the village. I remember Wayland Cook, who was my neighbor, telling me when I was an adult that Fred brought the last locomotive out of Livermore . The year was about 1936 which fits the timeline of the Federal takeover 

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. Time to get ready for that storm coming tonight.

Ellsworth Morton

PS: I inadvertently used the name of Newton Howard when I should have used G.K Howard as the man who owned the store and the Bartlett Hotel. It did not seem right to me at the time but overnight I figured out my mistake. I believe Newton was a son or nephew of G.K.
Thank you
Ellsworth Morton
From the U. S. Patent Office Gazette. 476,701.— Evaporating pan. Patented by Harrison F.Thurston, Centre Bartlett, N.H.
 Issued June 7,1892
Bear notch deli fireThe What Not Shop was operated by Franklin and Almeda George from the mid 1940's.  True to it's name, the store carried practically everything one could want in those days and even had an ice cream soda parlor.  For quite a time he also sold gasoline out front. Franklin was the Town tax collector in those days and he operated that activity from the store as well.  Bear Notch Deli fireFranklin and his wife lived right across the street in the same house that his ancestors operated as an Inn in the mid 1800's.   After Franklin's death the store was operated by Dottie Howard for a few years and then by David & Debby Phanauef, who renamed it to the Bear Notch Deli. bearnotch deli fire David later sold the store to The Ryans.  In January of 2009 the store was completely destroyed by fire caused by an electrical problem.

This photo of the What Not Shop is from the mid 1950's.

The What Not Shop Bartlett, NH
Main Street Bartlett Village Showing Garland Tea Room Sign.   Perhaps 1950
Fred and Grace Garland operated Garland's Tea Room, and later it was a restaurant and ice cream parlor know simply as "Garlands".  It also had a few cabins, some of which are still there today.  This restaurant operated until the early 1970's and was destroyed by fire.  It was located just west of today's Post Office.
Garlands tea room

Bartlett RR Office 1960
Bartlett Village Railroad Office - 1960
Stanton SlopesHere's a neat find on a forgotten ski slope in Bartlett Village! Only operating for a short time until the early 50s, Stanton Slopes was located on the land of Stanton Farm, which is todays Stillings Grant Housing development.  Find more information from The New England Lost Ski Area Project - Stanton Slopes   MORE INFO HERE

Bartlett Peg Miill

The Peg Mill, has changed with the times and has continued its operations to this day. 

I have provided more detailed information about the Peg Mill at this Link  Peg Mill Details
Silver Springs Lodge 1950's

This is a paper PLACEMAT from the Silver Springs Lodge sometime in the 1950's.  The signature at the lower right corner is AATELL and JONES, who I assume were the artists who drew it. Note the Texaco gas pumps.   John Whitney from Alton, NH discovered it in a box of old family photos and was nice enough to scan it and send it along to Bartlett Historical Society.   Many thanks !

Silver Springs 1930'sThis 1930 photo is labeled HOWARD'S CAMP.  It was owned by G.K. Howard at this time.  Sawyers Rock is just around the corner on the left.  This later became Silver Springs Lodge.  CLICK THE IMAGE FOR A LARGE SIZE.
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Granville K. Howard, Prominent Bartlett Resident Dies

 In the passing of Granville K. Howard on Nov. 17 at his home after a brief illness, Bartlett has lost one of its outstanding citizens. Born in Hartford, Vt., in 1864, he was graduated from Dartmouth in the class of 1886 and always kept up his interests in the activities of the college. In 1887 he married Nellie Bailey of Landgrove, Vt., and two years later he moved to Bartlett. From that time until his retirement in 1946 he was active in business, conducting a general store. In 1912 he built the Howard Hotel, which is now known as Bartlett Hotel. Mr. Howard held many town offices, having served as selectman and as a member of the school board. He was instrumental in forming the Bartlett Water Precinct of which he was treasurer for 51 years. Always interested in the welfare of the town, one of his last acts was to give a plot of land opposite the hotel for a public park. For many years he was active in Osceola Lodge, I. O. O. F., and was recently awarded his 50 year pin. His counsel and guidance will be missed by the many people who always found him a friend in time of need. Funeral services were held on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. at the Bartlett Congregational Church.-

The Reporter, Thursday, November 24, 1949 -pg 1
Clinton Burke, a long time resident of River Street, passed away in October 2009.  Read his obituary and more details about him here.
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