1983 Bartlett Village, School in
foreground, Bartlett Hotel left side

Bartlett Village Overhead, early 1980's

Ed Pettengill: "I found this on the said Bartlett NH Aerial photo circa 1983...based on the new wing on the school, and the school bus parked by the garage, that's accurate within a year. The new wing was built around 1980 - I was in eighth grade when they were building it - so that's the oldest the picture could be. If anyone has pictures of Bartlett from either the Bear Notch overlooks, Attitash, or Cave Mountain or Hart's ledge, please post them. Those pictures of Bartlett from overhead are great".
Editors Note, I think this is a Roger Marcoux Photo
Surely someone out there knows more about these old scenes than I do.  Any information you would like to share would be greatly appreciated and will help make this web-site more interesting. 

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Cave Mountain

Cave Mountain perhaps 1940 ish

The Cave
Mountain Home - The Nutes

This picture shows Mountain Home when the Nutes owned it and operated a large farm extending westward to Silver Springs, Eastward to about where The Bartlett Inn is located today and Northward to the Saco River.  They catered to guests who wanted to stay on a working farm for the summer.
This picture shows the Nutes standing in front of their farmhouse.  The notation on the back of the card is shown below.

Nute postcard back side
River St bridge over Saco River Bartlett NH

Another early view of the River Street bridge.  Note the fence on the right indicating cows or horses were kept there.  The cave on Cave Mountain is clearly visible. 

River Street Bridge and Big Rock, 1920.
All these pictures are clickable for a larger view.
Rogers Crossing looking west
Rogers Crossing, probably about 1940.  The trees along the right side of the street after the crossing claimed their share of automobile collisions by cars speeding around the S curve.  More than one local resident lost their lives to these trees. 

This picture shows the old General Thermostat Corp Building which was managed by a Mr Reingruber (I think).  He lived on the upper floor.  It built Honeywell thermostats and probably employed about 30 people.

The backside of this July 1957 card is addressed to  Mr Russ Hosmer in Wilmerding Penn. and the writer is one Alan T.  There is mention of the Edaville Railroad and it sounds like Alan T was a scout looking for old railroad equipment to buy.  Not that it has any bearing, but Wilmerding is home to the George Westinghouse Mansion.  Click picture for a size you can read.Hosmer, Wilmerding PA

Garland's Store, Barbershop and  Post Office on Albany Ave.  No Date was provided but probably in the 1945-1955 range.  Garlands was a drug store, but also sold clothing, footwear and hardware.

Bartlett NH, barber shop, post office and store

This building is just across the tracks on the right...but it looks nothing like this anymore. 

Below is the G.K. Howard Hardware Store, also on Albany Avenue. Later it was The Thermostat Factory.  Going up Albany Ave towards Bear Notch Road it was just across the tracks on the left.  Today there are some condo type units in the same spot.
Jacobson's Grocery Store Bartlett, NH
There was a building just before the tracks on the left that housed Wimpy Thurston's Grocery Store, later operated by the Jacobson's.  The building looked similar to the GK howard Store but without the dormers.  Today that site is an empty lot.
River Street Bridge
River Street Bridge - Probably 1900.  Click on the picture to check out the two people on the bridge, one with a yellow coat and top-hat.  The other person looks to be wearing a red union suit (underwear) and black boots.
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Donna and George Chappee, Tinker Ainsworth, Jimmy Clemons, with a not too happy looking deer.
This house is on River Street near the VFW hall.  Photo Courtesy of Maureen Hussey

Maureen Hussey also sent this photo of Paula Garland Dalton.  The house in the background is the Richard Nealley residence on River Street.  Unknown date.

Paula Garland Dalton
Alfred Mallett

Alfred Mallett:  In his later years he and wife Helen operated Malletts Grocery Store in the center of Bartlett Village across the street from The Congregationl Church.  Mallett's also known as Donahue's were 3 barns that were brought in in 1927 and cobbled together and opened as a store. They had three sons, Dale, Allan and Ralph.  Photo courtesy of Scotty Mallett
Cobb Farm Road - Bartlett - Looking East.  In the days when plowing was not a priority. House belonged to Jim Connors, the next house would be Katherine Dorset.   Photo Courtesy Maureen Hussey

Cobb Farm Road Bartlett, NH

Ralph Mallett, May 1942:  Photo courtesy Scotty Mallett (his son)

Ralph Mallett
This Photo at left is dated 1949 on the backside. 
The Text reads:
"5 generations: Henry Abbott, Edward Abbott; Lillian Abbott Sanborn, Doris Sandra Chadbourne, Bonnie Chadbourne
All the postcards on this page were scanned from the Michael Bannon collection.  Be sure to thank Michael if you see him.  If you have any old cards of the upper village area that seem interesting, Michael is always buying and this website is always scanning.
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