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You can get the best book ever written about Livermore:

In 1993 Peter Crane wrote his Doctoral thesis titled "Glimpses of Livermore: Life and Lore of an Abandoned White Mountain Woods Community".  It is probably the most extensive research project ever undertaken for the Town of Livermore

As you can see from the Table of Contents shown below Mr Crane has left no stone unturned in this remarkable piece of history.  The work has extensive bibliographical sources, a huge index and a good majority of the thesis is devoted to interviews with folks who either lived, worked, or were in some way associated with the abandoned town.  These interviews also diverge from Livermore to other aspects of life in and around Bartlett. 

The book is copyrighted and can be ordered in various formats from  PROQUEST starting at $42. for a downloadable PDF up to $108. for the hardbound book. Here is a link to the order form title search. just enter Peter Crane in the author box:

Sawyer River Railroad
Sawyer river railroad

Sawyer River Railroad 2
Sawyer river railroad 3                 sawyer river RR 4
This material on Sawyer River Railroad was sent to us by Mr. Robert Girouard, who is a collector of all things White Mountains, and especially Railroads.  We cannot thank him enough for all the material he has donated and is scatterd throughout this website.

The identification on the first page, "A Bulletin Staff Report - Photos from the NRHS Collection", I believe the source is The National Railway Historic Society.

Click any image for a high resolution version where you can see faces.  If you know any of these people please TELL US WHO THEY ARE
Sawyer River Railroad 5                 Sawyer river rr
Sawyer river rr               sawyer river railroad 7
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The U-Tube video below features Tom Monahan, of Lancaster, who remembers Livermore. His father attended 12 years of school at Livermore and was later a supervisor for the Sawyer River Railroad.  Tom recollects memories from the 1940's.   This video is dated 08 October 2010 by White Mt. News
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