James Frederick Howarth's
 Livermore Postcard Collection - 1919
Bob Girouard obtained this collection of Post Cards and has also done some research on the cards author, James Frederick Howarth. 

Bob writes, "Boy, am I excited on what I'm sending you. Cost me a leg and an arm..but they are mine and I get to share them with Bartlett, New Hampshire. These are postcards. Most pictures everyone has seen..but what is totally fantastic is the writing on the backs of these cards."

"They are written by James Frederick Howarth. Born Sept. 21,1872 in Boston Mass. He was the Clerk at the company store in Livermore who went on to become Manager of the Company store. On his Service registration card that he filled out on Sept. 12,1918 we find this information. He was 45 years old. Worked as a clerk at Livermore Mills (Livermore company store). His wife is Alice M. Howarth."

"James, I noticed like to go by his middle name. He signs his name J. Fred Howarth. You will see this on the postcards. He was of medium height and of medium built. Has grey eyes and light brown hair.In my research of J.Fred I find this out. In a 1880 census he is 8 years old and has two other brothers. His father William is 34 and is a watch engraver. No information on J. Fred Howarth until 1900. The 1900 census says Boston but I believe as Fred writes on the postcards he is living in Roslindale Ma. This is right outside of Boston."

"In 1900 we find J.Fred at his house on 100 Aldrich St. living with his wife Alice, his mother in law Mary E. Getchull, brother in law Frederick E. Getchull and sister in law Jennie F. Getchull. Boy seems J.Fred had a lot of patience. J.Fred is now a treasurer at a corporation."

"In 1910 we find J.Fred still at the same house living with his wife,son Lawrence B. who is 3 years old,a daughter Marjorie who is 10 months old,and mother in law and sister in law. J.Fred is now a clerk at a food company."

"In 1920 we have J.Fred Howarth on two census 1920 in Roslindale, Ma.in the same house and also in Livermore NH. On the 1920 Roslindale census J.Fred is with his family and mother in law and sister in law on occupation he is down as store manager. The Livermore cenus of 1920 J.Fed Howarth in living as a boarder. He is a boarder at 11 High St. in Livermore NH. On occupation he is down as Manager Grocery store."

"You will see on the cards that he writes to his son,daughter and sister in law and wife. Some postcards were not mailed. These cards are from 1919. Two cards which weren't sent I would say were a little later than 1920. Wish they were dated. Seems the J.Fred Howarth family lived in Livermore at one time in the St.George's hall. After all this research you seem to get to know James Frederick Howarth a little. When the information trail ends...you kind of wonder whatever happened to Good Ole J.Fred?.  These postcards and the 1920 census is about all we have left."

"One last bit of Information we have is in the1930 census which I hated to see. The Howarth family is living at the 100 Aldrich st. Alice M. Howarth now 56 years old is widowed. Seems J. Fred passed away sometime between 1920 and 1930. Living with Alice M. Howarth are her son Lawrence B. at 23 years old,daughter Marjorie at 20 years old, Alice sister Jennie F. Gethull who is 45 years old and Alice mother Mary E. Gethull now 80 years old in 1930."

"Well Enjoy the cards and information on the backs of these cards. It's a Husband, Father, Store Manager also a person who worked,lived, and explains in first had account to his family "Livermore New Hampshire" Enjoy!! Bob"
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James Frederick Howarth Post Cards
These postcards dated April 30 and May 7, 1919 were written by James Frederick Howarth and sent home to his family in Roslindale Massachusetts.  It would seem this was Mr. Howarth's new job and he wanted to let his family know what it was all about.  He was the manager of the Livermore General Store.  At about this time the Senior Saunders owner died and left his interests to his three daughters.  The three daughters hired a Mr. Clinton Nash to take on the management of their interests.  In these postcards there appears to be a vague familiarity with Mr. Nash and perhaps Howarth and Nash were casual buddies...or perhaps not.   Considering that these are postcards the actual date of the picture is probably sometime before 1919.
SawyerRiver Station NH  Sawyer River Station backside
Apr 30, 1919: Sawyer River Station.  Rails going into woods go to Livermore. /> The original FULL SIZE image can be viewed by clicking on the pictures

Chimney of old mill at Livermore   chimney backside
This shows the chimney of the old Mill. The house furthest to right is where Mr. Howarth lived, next door is the Goulding House.  Big Jim Donahue lived in the house to the left of chimney and the School is the last visible building.  Looks like a tent pitched below the chimney. 

dam house Livermore NH  backside
Apr 30, 1919:  This card addressed to Howarth's son, Lawrence, asks "If he would like to go barefoot in this river?"

Engine 1 Livermore, NH  Backside
Apr 30, 1919: The C.J. Saunders Engine 1.  The lady riding on the back is one of the Saunders Sisters.  This was the main source of transportation from Sawyer River Station.

The Forests  Backside
May 7, 1919: Mr Howarth referred to the Saunders Mansion as "The Forests". 

The Forests - Saunders Mansion at Livermore, NH   backside
May 7, 1919: This card references Mr Nash going home. Five flushing bathrooms and  Mr Howarth mentions where his room is, (On the right hand side you can see a penciled "x", indicating his room) or perhaps that is wishfull thinking?  But, if he was buddies with Mr. Nash it may be possible.  Clinton Nash was the manager of the entire operation in 1919, having been hired by the Saunders sisters after the death of their father.

Goulding House Livermore, NH  back
The Goulding House at Livermore.  L.D. Goulding was a Justice and Selectman of Livermore.

Main Street  back
Apr 30, 1919: This is Main Street as seen from Saunders Mansion
Mill Pond Livermore, NH  back
May 7, 1919: This card addressed to Howarth's son, Lawrence, asks "How would you like to sail your boat here?"  Reference to the Scudler House and Store visible in distance.

St. Georges Hall Livermore, NH  backside
St. Georges Hall.  Mr Howarth describes the various sleeping arrangements and identifies his room.
Mt Tremont from Livermore, NH  back
May 7, 1919:  Mt Tremont and Saunders House

Livermore NH    back
May 7, 1919:  Village Store at Livermore.  Mr Howarth describes this as "where he has been straightening out things." 

Village Street  back
May 7, 1919: The Village Store. Mr. Howarth refers to a store being burnt before they built this last one.

Donahue House
Residence of Big Jim Donahue.  2 well dressed boys in foreground. Donahue was General Manager of the Mills as well as the Town and served in nearly every capacity during his 40 years at Livermore. He died in North Conway in 1928 at age 60.

Whiteface Road. Livermore, NH  backside

In Peter Cranes dissertation about Livermore he asked Robert Shackford (In the 1960's he owned the Livermore tract of land that included the Saunders Mansion) if he knew where Whiteface Road was located.  Shackford did not know.  This postcard shows Whiteface Road and with the mountain reference points in the background one might be able to find the approximate location of this road that existed 100 years ago.  The peak on the left, which is very faint behind the trees, has a shape very similar to Mt. Tremont.
June 1908:  This card was written by Kate. Too bad she didn't put her last name on the card. I found a Kate L. Forness who lived in Livermore in 1910. She lived with her uncle George S. Paine. I know that it might not be this Kate but perhaps it is... Maybe someday one of our readers will stumble upon this bit of information and recognize the names... (Like the rest of these images, click on them for the large size.)
This is not part of the Howarth collection, but here it is anyway, Whiteface Road, Livermore NH
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