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 this school group photo from 1909 was sent in by Rick Garon who got it from his Grandpa's (Adalbert and Olive Garon) scrap book. Olive's maiden name was Drown and a headstone bearing that name is located in the Hill Cemetery.  Rick says his grandma Olive is in the photo somewhere.


Bartlett Special School Class Picture 1903
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CLASS OF 1899 bowdoin Edgar Alonzo Kaharl, son of Edgar Morton and Annie Clark (Lawrence) Kaharl, was born 23 Dec., 1870, at Newton, Mass. He prepared for college at Phillips-Exeter Academy and entered Harvard in the fall of 1889, where he remained for two years. For the next six years he was engaged in teaching at Conway and Bartlett, N. H., and at Fryeburg Academy. He entered Bowdoin as a Junior and received the degree of A.B. in 1899. At Bowdoin he was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, received an English Composition prize and an honorary Commencement Appointment, and at graduation was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa society. He at once returned to the profession of teaching which was to be his life work, and took up the duties of principal of the high school at Hanover, N.H. Here he remained for three years, when he went to the Portland High School, as instructor in Latin. After another three years he accepted the principalship of the Brunswick High School, where he continued till 1911, giving the strength of his best years to educating the youth of his college town. In 1911 he resigned from the Brunswick school and went to Germany, where he spent a year as exchange teacher in English at the Oberrealschule, in Wiesbaden. Returning to America he became principal of the Harrington normal training school in New Bedford, Mass., and in 1914 of the Fifth Street school in the same city, where he was at the time of his death, which occurred, 25 Aug., 1916, at his home in New Bedford, of angina pectoris, after an attack of acute indigestion. Mr. Kaharl was a Mason. He married, 22 Jan., 1910, at New Bedford, Mass., Carolyn M., daughter of Samuel Adams and Martha (Shaler) Atwood, who survives him without children.

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1948 ESSC ski class at Mt CranmoreUnidentified ESSC Students and Instructor at Cranmore in 1948.  Click picture for large size and tell us who these people are.

 Junior Ski Program

In the winter of 1936, about the time that Carroll Reed was planning for his ski school, local notables including Dr. Harold Shedd, Noel Wellman and Chuck Emerson formed the Eastern Slope Ski Club to promote the area as a skiing destination, and to ensure that all local youths would be exposed to the new and growing sport. In the winter of 1939 the club started their Junior Program that allowed all local children to obtain ski equipment and take ski lessons; that program continues to serve all elementary school students in the Bartlett - Conway - area today.

JANUARY 1958:  Photo Location: Bartlett Elementary School - Bartlett Village -  The program was held at The Cranmore Skimobile.  Roger Marcoux recalls that his instructor at Cranmore was Peter Pinkham.  Roger has now been an instructor for 20 years as of 2013, Eds note: That's called "Giving back what you got".

ESSC Junior Ski Program, Bartlett Village School

Back row: Ray Kelley, Malcolm Tibbetts, Dave Eliason, Mikell Chandler, Johnny Head, Peggy Howard, Mary-Jane Davis, Roger Clemons, not sure of the last four.
Next row down: Ed Luken, Wanda Abbott, John Nysted, Jay Nealley, ?, ?, Bobby Grant,not sure of the rest
3rd row down: Sumner Nysted, Ruth Russell, Jane Garland, Diane Dudley, Karen Haley,Rose Haley, Cindy Garland,?Maureen Marcoux?
4th row down: Frank Trecarten, Buster Burke, Evan Nysted, Ricky Tibbetts, Jerry Burke, ? , Ralph Clemons, Theresa Lemire
5th row down; David Ainsworth, ??, Joey Garland, Roger Marcoux, Doug Garland, Michael Grigel, Christine Cool, Doug Eliason
6th row down: Karen Grant, Connie Dudley, Jane Trecarten, Kathy Howard,  Dwight Garland, Clifton Garland, Allen Eastman.

Let us know who the others are if you know:  Tell us here

photo above courtesy of Alan Eliason


Jr Ski Program at Cranmore NH

.Thank you to Mikell Chandler for providing the details surrounding this photo and for naming most of the individuals.  "It was not Halloween, it was Christmas. Our pageant that year was at the Odd Fellows Hall because of work on the schools in preparation for the new school. This was the first and second grade, taught by Lucille Garland. I know the kids in hats were reindeer and elves, but I have no idea what the rest of us were (myself included). I know we did a skit and played Christmas songs with our rhythm instruments (rhythm sticks, traingles, bells, and Michael Washburn played the drum. I remember that because Mrs. Garland asked "Michael" to play the drum and I heard "Mikell" and was very excited. It was not me, however, as she told me that "Girls didn't play the drums." I was heartbroken. It was my first experience with sexism...from a woman I adored. In photo:

 (front row) Michael Washburn,Dougie Eliason, Frank Trecarten, Steven Bellerose, Dean Creps, Buster Burke, Billy Bergeron

(second row) Marilyn Clemons, Maureen Marcoux, Linda Burke, Cynthia Lee Garland, Lorraine Judd??, Dianne Dudley, Cathy Ainsworth (third row)Patty Kennedy, Mikell Chandler, David Kennedy, Mary Jane Davis, David Eliason, Ralph Clemons, Tony Schultz

If you were in the Bartlett Elementary School sometimeBartlett school pic, late 50's around 1958 you may find yourself in this picture.  Click the picture for a size you can actually see.  Diane Dudley Osborne told me what the event was, but I don't remember now what she told me.  Maybe it was Halloween. 

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