hill cemetery Nathan and Eunice Nathan Eunice

The Hill Cemetery is an enchanted little spot located on Upper West Side Road.  It is approximately 2 miles from the Bartlett end of West Side Road.  Many of the headstones appear to be exceptionally well cared for, or more likely, they have recently been replaced. 
stone Octavia Alice

Click on any picture for a larger size in a new window.  Many older stones are difficult to read or completely moss covered.  Those with a need to know can probably carefully scrape away the vegetation covering the name and date.
Overlooks West Side Road Sam Drown unreadable
Samuel Drown was a prominent citizen of Bartlett.  The location overlooks the West Side Road and I can imagine 80 years ago, with fewer trees, it probably enjoyed a fine view down the valley and Saco River.  The site is accessible by a small driveway however, be advised that exiting back onto West Side Road, the visibility is very poor.  It might be wise to seek nearby parking and hike back to the driveway, or hike up the little hill pictured above.
Sarah Seavey 1937 Dorindia Hill Hill cemetery

Sarah Seavey is buried here.  Many interesting first names that one doesn't hear anymore..Dorindia and Octavia to name two.
Hill Cemetery on West Side Road
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