Railroad Memorabilia
Train Men, Bartlett, NH   Train Men Bartlett NH  03812

Left Photo is 1961 with Bob Jones, Albert Henn and Bud Burdwood;
Right Photo is 1939 with Munn, Batley, Amadon and Greenwood
Bartlett Station Fire 1925  Bartlett fire 
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Frank Washburns train wreck  Train wreck

Train wreck at Bemis  Bemis train wreck
Locomotive 380, wreck west of Bemis Crossing, August 1922. The engine off in the background in the top and bottom picture is Mallet # 1202, one of the large articulated locomotives. Scotty Mallett tells us "That's Frank Washburn's wreck. It happened in august of 1922 when the tender brake beam failed, the locomotive jacknifed and flipped over. Mr Washburn was taken to the hospital with a sprained ankle and some bruises."

Bemis is the area near Madam Morey's Inn Unique, Today's Notchland Inn.
This is the Bartlett Station after the fire that destroyed it in 1927. Another one, smaller was put up in place of it a short time later.

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The photographs above were sent to us by Richard Garon, who's grandfather was a Stationmaster in Bartlett during the 1920's.  Rick didn't know much about the pictures, but Scotty Mallett, who is a railraod history expert, identified all the photos and provided a little story about each one...almost like he had been there...but we know he was not.  Read Scotty's well researched and written article about The Wreck of the 505, Here
Wrecks and Fires:
Bartlett Station, 1908
Bartlett Station 1908:  This building is pictured above after it burned in 1927.  It was replaced with a smaller building...which also burned in 1958 or 59
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