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Late 1800 map Bartlett Village, NH

We are trying to determine the location of the photograph below.  Original thoughts were that it was taken from somewhere just east of the present day post office.  Mt Carragain in the background gives us a definite directional viewpoint.  But, If the building on the right is the Chippanock in 1896, as some have suggested, it is curious how it got smaller in later pictures. (see below) The big picture shows a full rise 3rd floor, whereas the later pictures, perhaps ten or 20 years later show first only one dormer type 3rd floor and later it was converted to a full dormer going the length of the building. Why would they have ripped off the 3rd floor to do that? And it can't be the annex, which is a much smaller building.  

But, the steeple with the the bell appears to be a church and we find no record of a church in that location.  However the map at left shows the "Union Church", next door to the school.  Its location matches the description found in Aileen Carroll's history book "Bartlett New Hampshire, in the Valley of the Saco".

The Cave Mountain House/Bartlett Hotel was built in 1890 and since it is not shown on the map we can assume the map is before that time.    But, The St. Josephs Catholic Church IS shown and it was built in 1890.
Nov 2013:  We think the mystery is solved:
So, imagine this photograph (below) without the need to place a big hotel in the scene, (since it had not been built yet) then this viewpoint is taken from just east of the present day school, with the Union Church on lower main street near the school?. The first house on the right would be that of Mrs. H.P. Richards, then the S.H. Mead house and Frank Georges Bartlett House Inn in the background center?  That would match the map.  (The Union Congregational Church was not built until 1896).  The church in the photograph (The Union Church) was moved across the street and converted to a private residence. 

Scotty Mallett confirms this information, "According to my father, this used to be a bungalow style church across from the school. The bell tower was removed and what was left was incorporated into the house. Dad says it was Jim Donahues bungalow later to become my mom and Dads first home after they got married. The wrap around porch was added before my parents got it. The house still stands today, it is across from the school and is white in color."

Keep in mind that over the course of 120 years there would have been fires and other calamities, so some of the building shown may have disappeared long ago.

Photograph courtesy of Robert Girouard; The Endicott collection
Thompsons Inn

Chippanock Inn early 1900's.  This looks nothing like the picture below.
Upper Bartlett Village in the 1890's; Mt Carragain in background
Vere Royse and Thomas Chadbourne; Original Grantees of Upper Bartlett and Harts Location
I recognize Ralph Clemons, Tony Schultze, Tom Kennedy, Cindy Garland, Michael Chandler, Burkes, Marcouxs, Eliason brothers, Mary Jane Davis (her Mom was the Principal), Dean Creps, THIS INFO HAS BEEN UPDATED HERE
If you were in the Bartlett Elementary School sometimeBartlett school pic, late 50's around 1958 you may find yourself in this picture.  Click on it for a size you can actually see. Diane Dudley Osborne told me what the event was, but I don't remember now what she told me.  Maybe it was Halloween.
Bits and Pieces

1. High Quality Map of Bartlett (and other places) from the David Rumsey Map Collection; This one shows The Town of Bartlett in 1892 with many residences identified by occupant name.  It shows present day Cobb Farm Road crossing the river in the area of Sawyers Rock and joining Rte 302.  It shows the location of the Garland Ridge School on Stony Brook, The Hilltown School on West Side Road.  Take a look and see who lived in your general area before you.  
This link will take you there.

Bartlett Historical Society has a copy of the entire Atlas from which the above map was derived...donated by George Howard of Glen.

2. This 1796 Map shows
Vere Royse and Tho Chadbourne as the principal owners of the majority of the Upper Bartlett and Harts Location Area.  Click Here  to see the 1796 Map.  Very good resolution.  

Captain Vere Royse was a soldier and surveyor and at one time served as surveyor-general of the Province of New Hampshire.  He made charter maps for many White Mountains towns, including Chatham, Bartlett and Bretton Woods.  In 1769 He was granted 2000 acres near the Saco river between Glen and Bartlett; This encompassed the area from present Day Harts Location Town Line and Rogers Crossing.  The land was given for his services "during the late war in North America," but Captain Royse never settled here.

The peak west of Evan Notch and nearby East Royse were named for him.  The name Royse Mountain appeared on Samuel Holland's 1784 map.

Thomas Chadbourne was born in Berwick Maine,March 26, 1736, the son of William and Mary Chadbourne. His Grant of 3000 acres is part of the area today know as Harts Location. Between 1772 and 1775 Mr Chadbourne sold his grant to Richard Hart.  Mr Chadbourne was also granted acreage in Conway in 1773, where he settled and built the first framed house in that town.  He married Hannah Long of Portsmouth in January 1758 and fathered eight children.  He died on March 7, 1810.  More Information can be obtained from the book "Harts Location in Crawford Notch" by Marion L Varney published in 1997.  

  UPDATE:   MORE  OLD MAPS at White Mountain History dot Org:
Also includes The Cartography of the White Mountains By Adam Jared Apt

Twenty Five Old Maps courtesy of White Mountain History dot Org.
List of Maps We Have Found: 

Map, Bartlett 1892, high resolution, Rumsey Map GO  opens new window
Map, Bartlett, upper village area 1890 GO
Map, Collection of 25 early maps at WM GO
Map, Cooks Crossing - 1945  small map GO
Map, Historic Lodging Establishments, some from 200 years ago GO
Maps of Bartlett with property owners names GO
Map, historic lodging establishments GO
Map, historic lodging establishments, Intervale GO
Map, Portland & Ogdensburg Rail GO   
Map, Sawyer River Railroad GO
Map, State, 1796 high resolution - Rumsey Map Collection GO opens new window

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