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......?.......?....?...activities and preparing for the 2007 annual meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, January 17 at 6:30pm at the accomplishments this year, and the programs and events which are ongoing, you will understand why we are anticipating an exciting year in 2007.

has been a busy and productive 2006 as the following indicates. In February, BHS member Ben English presented a slide show on railroading. In June, several members spent two weekends preparing our new office/museum space, which was made available through the generosity of the Morrell Corporation. It is located next door to the old Linderhof Motel in Glen. Representatives of the various BHS committees participated in the Bartlett Home Town Days in Bartlett Village in July. The Society also co-sponsored the Concerts in the Park series. In November, we held a very successful open house at the new office. Our members have staffed the office on Saturdays from 12noon - 2pm.

We are thrilled with the new look of our web site at Member, Kathi McGraw has volunteered many hours and much effort on the new site. When at the site you will be able to visit the villages; read about the railroad; e-mail the BHS officers; visit Abbotts Archives; in the genealogical section; read the current news items; and more. Eventually, we hope the web site <will feature a database of Bartlett vital records, family histories, early newspaper accounts and much more. Kathi is seeking input as well as suggestions for historical information for the site. Input and suggestions may be made by e-mail at the website by clicking on the info@bartletthistory link at the bottom of each page.

BHS is making a concentrated effort to work with the Conway Daily Sun's Bartlett Correspondent to include news of our activities on a regular basis.Hopefully, we will be able to coordinate with her and will be contributing news items regularly.

Be on the lookout for us soon.Perhaps you have read of the exciting new program in The Conway Daily Sun and The Mountain Ear. The program is entitled Life, Legends and Lore - Village Voices. It is an oral history program recalling family and village life, beginning with those who grew up in Bartlett Village in the 1920s, 30s and beyond.The first participants in the program were Donald Clemons, James Howard, James Clemons and Benson Howard. The >sessions were held on November 18th at the Bartlett Public Library and December 9th at the Union Congregational Church. We extend our thanks to the Library and the Church for use of their facilities. The sessions have been very successful and wonderfully entertaining. The participants are very special people who have been extremely generous with their time and memories. It is exciting to know that life during their time is being preserved for all future generations by audio and visual recordings.
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Presidents Letter - December 2006
What does the town of
Bartlett have to do with
the popular TV series
The West Wing?
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.............????,,,,,,,,,America.  In the series, Bartlet was
born and raised in New Hampshire,
and is a direct descendant of the
real-life Josiah Bartlett (although none
of the known descendants of Dr.
Josiah Bartlett spelled Bartlett with one
"t").  Like his ancestor, Jed was
Governor of New Hampshire for two

In real life, Sheen visited the town
of Bartlett, and the Josiah Bartlett
Elementary School, to campaign for
Democrat Howard Dean in the weeks
before New Hampshire's Presidential
primary (2004).  School librarian Jean
Garland, who arranged a photograph
in which the actor is holding a picture
of the real Josiah Bartlett, said the
show has actually helped preserve
Bartlett's legacy. "Anything that can
bring his name up and make people
aware of Josiah Bartlett is great," she
As 'West Wing' folds, NH will miss its
fictional native son
Manchester Union Leader
January 24, 2006
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Our sympathy goes out to the family of Willard Tinker Ainsworth. Both Tinker and Stubby Ainsworth had been invited to round out the panel of Bartlett Village Brothers.The oral history program was created and hosted by BHS members, Ruth Ward Abbott , Marcia Clemons Dolley and Kathi McGraw. It is an ongoing and ambitious project, with the hope of conducting as many oral histories as there are willing participants. The plans are for several more Bartlett Village sessions, and then to move the program on to the villages of Bartlett Center (aka Glen area) and Lower Bartlett (aka Intervale area). We are seeking volunteers for this program, either as organizers or series participants. Anyone interested in working with this program is urged to contact Ruth at (603) 447-6887, Marcia at (603) 367-9278 or Kathi at (603) 383-6115.

>The Bartlett Village project is two part. The second part is to map the village using the 1896 birds-eye-view map, the 1900 census, as well as those individuals who have personal or family information of the early homes. This, also,is an ambitious project. We hope not only to record the families in each home on the 1896 map, but to work forward and backward, recording the occupants of each home through the years, and then to collect copies of photographs and memorabilia of as many of the homes as is possible.

A reminder that the historical society will pay for copying costs of historical documentation.The Society gratefully welcomes to its collection of artifacts an exceptionally generous gift from George Howard of Bartlett, a bound 1892 Hurd volume of Town  City Atlas of the State of New Hampshire. Additionally, we have just received notice that we have been awarded a grant in the amount of $1400 from the Henney Historical Trust Committee to purchase a fire-proof file for the safekeeping of historical artifacts and documents.

These ongoing projects and events are just the beginning of a number of other history-related plans being considered for the upcoming year. It is truly an exciting time at BHS. Please join us for more details on these and other programs at our annual meeting on Wednesday, January 17th at6:30pm at the Society office, at Linderhof. &nbsp;Dessert and coffee will be served

A reminder -- if you have not already done so, it is time to renew your BHS membership. As you do so, we encourage you to consider becoming involved with one or more of these programs or committees and, to make note of your interest on the membership form. You may submit your membership contribution by check and mail it to the Bartlett Historical Society Treasurer, PO Box 514, Bartlett, NH 03812; or, by credit card at our website, click on Join and proceed from there with the Paypal program.

Happy Holidays,
Leslie Mallett, President
Bartlett Historical Society
 December 22, 2006
Anne Chace wins the
“Days before Yesterday” Quilt

                     Bert  and Greta george congratulate the quilt winner
The Society commissioned member Greta George to create a quilt to
be used as a fundraiser for 2007.  It features thirty-five squares of
antique postcard photo scenes from the villages of Bartlett.  The
queen-size quilt has yellow squares with borders of green and
beige.  The squares contain such landmarks as Harmony Acres, Cave
Mountain, The Howard, Sawyer’s Rock, Hart’s Ledge, Storyland, the
Bartlett Village and Glen railroad stations and many more scenes.

The drawing for the quilt, which Greta calls “Days before Yesterday,”
was held by the Society on November 24 at the Josiah Bartlett
Elementary School craft fair.  The proceeds of this raffle assisted
funding of the many projects and activities scheduled for 2007.
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