Wiley House Station
Wiley House Station in Crawford Notch circa 1940
Like many other railroad structures it was destroyed by vandals and in the 1980's the railroad company burned the building.  The cellar foundation still remains.  See a bigger version of this picture from 1920 at this link;

Bits and Pieces
Crawford Notch Gate 1900
Such was the highway through Crawford Notch in 1900.  The Crawford House is in the Background. 
Concord Evening Monitor 1893   (1896)?
Fire Sunday  Destroys Entire Business District in Bartlett

Total damage will approximate $100,000

At 5 o’clock a fire was discovered at rear of H. L. Towle’s grocery store and as there was no fire department in the village, it spread with lightening like rapidity.

Word was telegraphed to North Conway for aid and at 7 o’clock a special train left for the scene.  The ten mile run was made in a little over ten minutes.  When the special arrived the business portion of the town was in ashes.

The most strenuous efforts of the town’s people, assisted by the willing guests of the hotels availed to nothing. Within 2-½ hours but one store was left in the place. Fourteen families had been burned out and the Maine Central Railway Station, restaurant, and freight depot, together with the post office were destroyed.The total damage will be in the neighborhood of $100,000.  

Following are the principal losses:
-Maine Central Railway about $10,000, insured
-Mr. & Mrs. Foster, general store, buildings, stock $25,000, insured for $7,500
-P.J. Martin, general store, $15,000, insured $9,000
-F. Garland, drugs and jewelry, $2,500, insurance $1,500
-E.O. Garland, building, contents, $15,000 insured $7,000
-J. Emery, house and furnishings, $3,000 insured $1,500
-J. Head house $1,500
-H.E. Brooks (?) grocery store, $2,500 insured $1,000
-H.L. Towle’s building, $3,000, insured $1,000
-A.L. Meserve building and stock, $6,000 insured $2,800
-Miss Emily A. Merserve tenement block, $2000, insured $1,500
-Miss Bates, millinery $500

The town has an ordinary population of 2,000 but this is swelled in summer to three or four times this number.
It is situated in the White Mountain Division of the Maine Central Railroad and the ride over this road from North
Conway through Bartlett to the Crawford Notch is one of the finest in the eastern part of the country.

-From the history files at the Bartlett Public Library
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