Here is an interesting account of the 1834 Willey Slide and Rescue as told by Ebenezer Tasker, who was the son of a member of the rescue party.  Names mentioned are Edward Melcher, Jonathan Rogers, Samuel Tuttle, Abram Allen, Samuel Stillings and Isaac Fall as members of the group.  Reference to Judge Hall's Tavern and Tasker's 116 acre farm. 

This article was published in The New York Times, August 20, 1894.  Here is a link to a PDF version of the story:

New York Times Article
Carrigain Town in Crawford Notch
The logging village of Carrigain was at the junction with the Saco River Logging Railroad which ran up to Livermore.  The building in the picture was the company store.  The village also had a church, school and many simple homes in addition to the mill and other company buildings.  When logging operations ended the town was abandoned and today there is barely a trace that anything was ever there.     

Photo courtesy Ben English "A Century of Railroading in Crawford Notch".

More Photos at White Mountain History. Org.  LINK OPENS IN NEW WINDOW

There is a good description and many pictures contained in the book, "Harts Location in Crawford Notch", Published in 1997, authored by Marion L. Varney.
Crawford Notch 2
"The Ambitious Guest" is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. First published in New-England Magazine in June of 1835, it is better known for its publication in the second volume of Twice-Told Tales in 1835.

[edit] Plot

A man visits a family on a mountain side that is a famous stop for people who travel on the route. The family asks him to stay, then the mountain begins to tremble but the father reassure that the mountain won't go down, and he has a hideaway in the event that it does. The stranger gives them some advice and the mountain became to fall. They ran to the safe house but didn't make it. The snow never hit the house. Some people noticed that they were gone but nobody knew the stranger.

The basis of the story is the Willey tragedy of Crawford Notch, New Hampshire.

Mountain Ear Newspaper  Article, March 1984:   Evans Family Reunion at the Notchland Inn.  The Bernardins owned the Inn at this time.
We received this article courtesy of Bob Girouard who has given us many items from the Ray Evans Collection.

Evans Reunion 1984 Newspaper article
The Gateway, Crawford Notch NH
The Gateway, early stereoscope view.  Note how small the pond is compared to today.  Corral and garden plot.  I see no sign of the railroad which would indicate this picture was taken before 1857.

Gateway, man with sign
This undated view shows a man with unreadable sign and railroad.

English Jack

English Jack lived in the vicinity of the Crawford House.  Check this website's index for more about him.  Also a complete story and many pictures at the White Mountain History Org website.  Here is the LINK
Evans Article
Evans Article, Page 2
Mount Willard House
History is happening all around us, everyday.  So many events slip by that don't seem very important at the time.

I wish I had been paying more attention to things that passed me by.

I remember this happening...Took a quick look and drove right on by.
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