White Mountain Cider Co. Restaurant shared with us on June 20th 2007their celebration of opening the new dining room.  This dinner was held to name and dedicate one of their dining rooms in memory of former resident Bertha McAuliffe.  Bertha owned the former farmhouse and raised her family there from the early 1930’s until her death in the mid 1980s.  Bertha epitomized the picture of a strong, hardworking New England Yankee woman who had more energy than most of the young people who knew and worked with her during her years at New England Inn.  This was the Selectman, Gene Chandler,
who spoke at the dinner to a group of almost 30 Society members and residents.  One of Bertha's sons, Tom McAuliffe from Dalton NH, attended the dinner and her other sons, Jack McAuliffe from Florida and Bill McAuliffe from Guilford called to convey their appreciation to the Stearns for the honor.  Tom was amazed at the transformation of his boyhood home to the beautiful early American New England restaurant and cider mill/country store that it has become.  He commented on the beauty of the colonial fireplace that stone mason and former property owner Chris Brown
created in what is now the pub portion of the restaurant.  In fact, the dining room where we were seated was the former woodshed, Tom recalled.  As if the beauty of the building wasn’t enough to comment about, the food truly was fabulous.  Theresa and her staff served an elegantly tasteful dinner.  The Society was graciously welcomed by host Jeff Grdinich, who let everyone attending know that a portion of the dinner proceeds was being donated to the Bartlett Historical Society, with the White Mountain Cider Company's final donation being $240.  The Society's Board of Directors thank Scott and Theresa for their generous donation as well as this most enjoyable evening.
White Mountain Cider Company
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