Ben George spent part of 2008 researching the town baseball and softball teams of the late 1940’s. which
featured the 1948 baseball champs and the 1949 girl’s softball team.  The booklet is now available for purchase  at
$10.00 per copy plus $2.50 for postage (if mailing is requested.)    Please send check made payable to the Bartlett Historical Society, PO Box 514, Bartlett, NH.  
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Bits and Pieces
[New Hampshire Governor John H. Bartlett and Mrs. Lee Hessay Fiensdorf sitting in chairs at the Republican National Convention].
Chicago Daily News, Inc., photographer.

 CREATED/PUBLISHED [ca. June 8-12, 1920] John Bartlett, g

SUMMARY Informal portrait of Governor John H. Bartlett of New Hampshire and Mrs. Lee Hessay Fiensdorf of New Hampshire sitting in chairs at the Republican National Convention in the Coliseum in Chicago, Illinois.

 NOTES This photonegative taken by a Chicago Daily News photographer may have been published in the newspaper. Cite as: DN-0071848, Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.
Bits & Pieces
Here are a couple short stories about Bartlett people sent in by Brian Knight:

George Lincoln Knight (my
great-grandfather) of Bartlett
worked for the railroad for over fifty years.  He never missed even one day of work.

Paul Warren Knight (my uncle) of Bartlett was a member of the Bartlett Baseball Team prior to World War II.  He could pitch, mostly played 1st base, and could catch a fly ball behind his back when he played in the outfield.  Uncle Paul now rests in the peaceful ether of eternity at the
Arlington National Cemetery.  He was part of a torpedo bomber crew during World War II and is New Hampshire's most decorated World War II veteran. 

Submitted by Brian A. Knight,
June 2009,
Michael Bannon 1971
Ski School Director at Attitash for many years
Knight's of Bartlett, NH

Here we have left to right...Edward Boynton Knight...George Lincoln Knight...Baby is Brian Aston Knight...and Charles Edward Knight. Charles worked as signal repairman in the Bartlett train yard. Charles also worked as watchman at the Peg Mill. I also heard from a close source..that good old Charles peddled booze during prohibition.  Photo courtesy of Robert Girouard who received it from Brian Knight.
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