Eastern Slope Signal 1964
Dec 26, 1964: Headlines: Attitash Nears Completion
Eastern Slope Signal 1964Dec 26, 1964: the rest of the Attitash Article.
Eastern Slope Signal Newspapers from the 1960's
Big Bear Stock Approved
Big Bear Stock Sale Approved by SEC. This never panned out but would have been where Attitash's Bear Peak is today
Big Bear Ski Area Page 2
Big Bear Stock Sale Approved; Page 2
Big Bear Ski Area 1963
Planning for Big Bear Ski Area in Bartlett 1963
Interale ski area extends Poma Lift
Dick Stimpson of Intervale Ski Area Extends Poma Lift. Dec 1963
monorail lift comes to attitash
Monorail Ski Lift comes to Attitash in Bartlett 1966
Pendexter to Region House to Skirolean
The Pendexter Mansion becomes The Region House and now is The Skirolean 1963
First Skiing in Tuckermans page 2
First skiing in Tuckerman's Ravine, Page 2
Ann and Steve Sherlock at Attitash
Ann and Steve Sherlock head up the Ski School at Attitash 1965
First skiing in
First skiing in Tuckerman's Ravine
Attitash Expansion 1966
Attitash Expansion in 1966
outhouse at Intervale
Remember the outhouse at Intervale Ski Area?  Do some of you even know what an outhouse is?
Dr. Lombardi sled dog article pg 1

Dr, Lombardi wins Sled Dog Race: Jan 1963
sled dog race article

Sled Dog Race this weekend in North Conway 1963; and Richard Taylor wins Jackson Cross Country.
Tamworth sled dog race 1963

Sled Dog Race in Tamworth Finishes in a Blinding Blizzard that closes Rt 16.  (Page 1)
sled dog tamworth page 2

Sled Dog Race in Tamworth Finishes in a Blinding Blizzard that closes Rt 16.  (Page 2)
Lombardi, page 2

Dr. Lombardi Sled Dog race winner, Jan 1963, Page 2
Feb 1967: Bartlett once had a Sauna Spa. It was just east of Attitash on the North side of Rte 302
Your intrepid website editor (Dave Eliason) remembers delivering this newspaper every Friday night during the winter of 1965 to all the major establishments from North Conway all the way up to Wildcat Ski Area and Bartlett Village.  I think the Editor, Skip Sherman, delivered the southern route to West Ossippee himself.
More coming as I find time.
Attitash Opens Jan 1965
Attitash Opens for first time, January 1965
Clarendon Inn Fire 1963
Clarendon Inn Destroyed by Fire in 1963.  The Bellview occupied this spot before the Clarendon, it also burned.
Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson and Bill Doig of Attitash in 1965
Dr Shedd in North Conway
Dr Shedd fixing Bones Page 2
Attitash Opens page 2
Attitash Opens Page 2
Dr. Shedd
Dr Shedd discusses fixing broken bones
Fran Savard at Intervale Ski Area
Fran Savard breaks the ribbon on the new Poma Lift Expansion at Intervale Ski Area in 1964
Dick Stimpson Intervale Ski Area
Dec 29, 1962: Dick Stimpson of Intervale Ski Area.  His 17th year at ISA
snowmobile born in West Ossipee

Snowmobile Born in West Ossipee
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