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Elwood Dinsmore, 1972Mr. Elwood Dinsmore

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(The gas pump shows 13 gallons for $6.05)
Elwood was the brother of Helen Hayes, another famous person in Bartlett history.  Here is Elwood Dinsmore at his gas station in Bartlett,N.H. in 1972. At the time of this photo Elwood owned the gas station for 48 years.  Elwood worked for the Maine Central Railroad Mountain Division for 50 years and 5 months. He was a mechanic working out of the Bartlett yard.

Elwood was known as the "One Man Wrecking Crew"; Elwood operated the Towns only Wrecker Service, towing crashed up cars or pulling folks out of a ditch.

He remembers when 10 to 12 trains passed through Bartlett. At the end of his retirement he saw only 2 trains a day pass through Bartlett.

He was asked once "What was the most severe condition you ever worked under?". Elwood answered..."Back in mid winter of 1954 I went up to the Willey Brook Trestle to take a side rod off a steam engine. The Wild was blowing a gale, and we were in the middle of the trestle,someone went to the Willey Section house to see what the temperature was 48 below ZERO!".

Elwoods Sunoco gas station and garage is (was) located directly across the street from todays Bart's Deli. He and his second wife, Ruth, lived in the rooms above the garage.  Before Bart's Deli there was a Restaurant called Hansel and Gretel in the same location.  When Ruth saw what a great business they did in their restaurant she decided she should have a restaurant also and built the small building on the east side of the garage.  It only operated a couple of years under her management.  It later became The Copper Kettle operated by Elaine MacManus. 
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