Date: Monday - September 14, 2009
Time: 4:30 PM
Location: Bartlett Historical Society Building

Attendees: Norman Head – President Bert George – Vice President Hannalore Chandler - Treasure Marcia Dolley - Member Secretary Kathleen Howard- Curator Tammy Bronejko – Guest David Eliason- Web Designer Mike Kirk – Member


• Old Business Updates

October 20th Bartlett Historical Annual Meeting Peter Crane will present a slide show along with talking about “The History of Livermore”. The meeting will be held at New England Inn, dinner at Tuckerman’s Restaurant & Tavern. This will wrap up our programs for the 2009 calendar year. We anticipate a standing room only.

Tammy will produce 11 x 17 posters to advertise event along with other colateral. Everything else for the event has been confirmed we are ready. A raffle basket and 50/50 raffle will be held toward our fundraiser.

November 1st Bartlett Historical Booth at the 1st Annual Non-Profit Fair This event is held at the Grand Summit, and is sponsored by Valley Promotions. Set up time is at noon and the event starts at 2 pm and runs to 5 pm. In part of our fundraising efforts we will sell Ben’s Book, Ruth’s Book, and Afghans With many thanks to Mike Kirk for cataloging 100 pictures to a flash drive so that we may create a tangible marketing tool from them.

During our meeting Tammy has suggested to produce note pads with a picture from the past and brief description of the picture on note pads to sell. The size of the pad’s are 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and the suggested retail price would be $3.50 or $4.00. Each pad will have 50 sheets of paper and we intend to produce 50 pads. We are also going to put together a brochure of the same pictures with a detailed description of the photo. Tammy will forward to Marcia the 25 pictures for description. The Brochure will be done by Friday, September 18, 2009 along with a sample note pad to Norman for approval.

January Ski Club Gala Columbus Day Weekend
 We are awaiting information from Marcia Burchstead.

Curator; Kathleen has been working diligently at recording items into our new program.
Dave donated more items and they have been accepted and recorded. Thank you Dave!

Website; Dave has provided the board with a full summary and assessment report regarding our website. Thank you Dave!

Military Project; Bert has no new updates for this item.

Pequawket Foundation Grant; Norman will submit the application for the proposed speaker system in which has an estimated cost of $409.00. The board has voted YES to proceed with this process. The speaker system is so that during our programs we can allow our guest and speaker to enjoy our programs with the appropriate audio.

 2010 Programs;

2010 Fundraising;
Henney Fund; Marcia Dolley has suggested to submit the grant application for October ‘09 and if not granted we will submit again in April ’10. The hopes of this grant is to support the cost of the Newsletter.

• Board Member Reports Approval of August minutes; The minutes have been emailed but not approved at this time.

Activity Report;

Treasurer Financial Report and 2010 Budget;
    Please see Attachment A

       Membership renewals & new members; Talked about data base for new members, need to          retrieve money from dues.
New Business
Rules & Regs for Memorial Capital Fund;

Tammy Bronejko; Has volunteered to come aboard the committee as acting member of Recorded Secretary.
Date of Next Meeting October 20, 2009;

  Annual Meeting will be held at New England Inn, dinner at Tuckermans
Board of Directors Monthly Meeting
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