July 4th 2007

After Karen Cleveland  
had coiffed Patti Lord's
hair, Patti touches up
Jean's kitchen, as the
breakfast Jean had set
out. Patti is dressed in
a late 1910s outfit,
while Nancy is ready
for a 1930s garden party.
Shirley waits patiently as Kathi gives Bob operational instructions, passed on to her by Bob's dad. Bob
Shirley waits patiently as Kathi Jr.
had arrived.  Bob Sr. is Bobby
gives Bob operational instructions,
Shirley waits patiently as Kathi
passed on to her by Bob's dad. Bob
Holmes' trusted mechanic, and he
BHS members Bob & Kathi McGraw, dressed as a 1920s
couple, join Patti Lord, Shirley
Jean Ainsworth's home before
lining up for the parade.
We're all very
impressed that Bob,
even with four women
running over any small
children or rear-ending
the float in front of us.
Kathi, Nancy and Patti are
settled in to their wicker
chairs and ready to go!
monster tractor bearing down on
him, Bob remains cool and calm,
while encouraging Shirley to keep
throwing that candy to the kids.
Even though there were only two float entries, we prefer to call it "second place" as opposed to "last place".  Thanks
to everyone for helping the Society earn the $100 prize, Society also had the Days Before Yesterday quilt displayed
(seen behind Kathi's parasol), with President Bert George
With a lot of help from our friends, the Society "made the
picture, showing the 1932 Ford truck we decorated
and traveled down Route 302 on July 4.  Bobby Holmes
antique truck, with a cargo full of ladies dressed in the eras
of 1900-1930s.  Following are pictures of a great day, taken
by our "parade day organizer", BHS member Jean Ainsworth.
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