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aug 6, 2017  -  Matthew - 382 Cairo Jct Rd - Catskill, ny 12414

Having spent the better part of 45 years worth of summers, in the lake regions of NH, I was always interested in the local history. When i came upon the book, Life by the tracks, I was delighted.
I have since read it many times, alway fasinated with the stories. Ive taken the Conway train up to the old station, where the Crawford hotel stood and dreamed as we drove by the Evan sectionhouse. Soon I will hike to its location, as i recently found that the trail they, themselves use to get to the house from down below is still a hiking trail.

nov 30, 2016  -  Gary Roy 322 Old Ayer Road - groton, ma 01450

It's great to see the old st.josephs church being used for something besides storage.

november 20, 2016  -   kathleen mulkern

   Hi. I'm sending my check today to become a member and thank you for your site. i enjoy all the photos you post. I came across this photo of Maple Cottage in Bartlett on eBay today while researching Maplehurst cottage in Jackson (AKA Shannon Door Pub if anyone ever comes across photos of that or of the lake Lee Lodge because I'm trying to find out when the name changed from Maplehurst to Oak Lee Lodge). The photo says 1916 so I thought you might want it for your page. It shows a nice lady in white sitting on the porch. I'll have to go see if that house wis still there. Thanks Kathleen Mulkern

september 26, 2016  -  bethany pike;

Thank you for all you do to preserve the history of Bartlett NH. I would appreciate someone getting in touch with me about the Bartlett Boulder on Route 302. My family has ownership and a lot of history with this site and I'd like to discus how to preserve this monument with your historical society.
Thank you,

september 7, 2016  -  Greg Tully; Saugus, MA

I miss Bartlett

February 12, 2016 Rick Garon

When I was kid I spent my summers with my grandparents Adalbert and Olive (Drown) Garon. I chummed around with Merle Burke, Frank Trecarten and others. We got into our share of trouble, but I remember "breaking in" to an old red shed that was behind a building that was across from the Thermostat. There was an old horse drawn hearse in that shed that we dared each other to spend some time laying in it. It probably isn't there anymore, but if it is it would be a nice piece of history for the society.

Just heard about the Peg Mill. Such an awful disaster. I remember as a kid hearing that whistle every day at 7am and 5pm. I used to go and watch Sanford Trecarten in the boiler room shoveling all the scraps into the boiler. It must have been 120 degrees in there. My great grandfather Samuel Drown and my grandmother Olive worked there. But I guess half of Bartlett worked there at one time or another. So sad.

Dec 30 2015: roger K. Burdwood  5152 SW Old Clifton Rd, Port Orchard, WA  98367

Hi There
may 18, 2015: david r. sleeper   184 Napa Ridge Rd East,  Naples, FL  34119

We lived on Route 302 in the house just to the west of Richard Jones home. We lived in Bartlett from 1946 to 1952 where my Sister Martha and I attended school. Lucille Garland was my teacher in first and second grades. I still cherish a photo I have of our 2nd Grade Class standing next to a gingerbread house. Dale Trecarten, Judy Cook, Chuck Garland, Bert George and a couple of others made up our class. My best to all of you. I have great memories of living in Bartlett and all our wonderful neighbors and friends. Thanks to all of the efforts of the Bartlett Historical Society I have learned so much about your small parcel of paradise.

December 12 2014: Rick Garon  8 Hollis Drive - Hampstead, NH 03841

i Spent my summers with my grandparents, Adalbert Garon, (who was station agent in Bartlett, Sawyer River, and Crawford Notch) and Olive Drown. This was in the 50's and early 60's. Always loved Bartlett. Still do.   My grandmother Olive Drown was born in Albany, NH in 1903. She attended school in Bartlett. Her father, James William Drown and grandfather Samuel William Drown were both Bartlett residents in the 1800's. Her ancestor Leonard Drowne came from England and died in Boston in 1729 and buried in the Copp's Hill Burial Ground. Leonard's son Shem was a coppersmith and made the grasshopper on top of Faneuil Hall. ,

December 11 2014:Val (Tebbetts) Miller - Bridgton, Me 04009 

Hi, I've been researching on Ancestry for a few years, found nothing about my grandfather Everett Tebbetts' service with MCRR. Something I was researching showed me the link to this site. It's awesome! I'll have to dig deep to find something to send you for this site. I do have a few pics of my grandmother, Evelyn, who managed the Bartlett Hotel. I spent MANY days with free reign of the place. Huge fun for a kid!

December 6 2014:  Patricia Adams - Allenstown Library

Hello, As an avid local history buff and an assistant librarian at Allenstown Public Library, I must say that I am so impressed by your website. The information and photos that you provide are great! I now have a new resource for myself and for any library patrons who are looking for historical information for the area. Keep up the good work! Patricia Adams. 

November 3 2014:  Christina Coole

My grandparents,Senter and Kathleen Stanley, along with my parents, Gordon and Kathleen Coole, ran the Bartlett Inn during the above years. A fire burned it to the ground (I don t know when but it had an el off to the right, as well as a small garage. Last I knew it was a ski lodge. Franklin George's store was about a mile north of this. Does anyone remember this? I am at the above email or phone of 207 703 0700 in Maine. I was born in 1952 and I do remember John Cook, older than me by about 8 years. Brothers were Stephen Lauckner and Gordon Coole.

August 25 2014:  Donald & Nicole Medeiros - 1295 Rte 302 - Bartlett, NH 03812

We are new homeowners in Bartlett. We love the town and everything about it. Donald & I grew up knowing and experiencing many great things about the area. Donald and his family camped throughout this area and snowmobiled and my family and I had a home off of West Side Road but always skied at Attitash in the days of Thaddeus Thorne and before snowmaking was ever introduced. We now live in the Victorian next to the school part time. Our son is still in school back in Massachusetts. We hope to become full time residents in a couple more years 

July 14 2014:  Susan Nickel

Greetings Bartlett Historical Society! Bartlett is an incredibly beautiful area! I have enjoyed your online web pages immensely! Especially the pictures and information regarding the Pendexter Mansion. It was built by my ancestors and subsequently it is of great interest to me. Please share if you would any other findings from your Bartlett Historical Society. Are there any pictures from within the mansion? Any portraits? It would be wonderful to see anything you wish to share and much appreciated! Again,thank you so much! Blessings to you! -Susan 

June 16 2014:  Ted Houghton - Charlton MA.

What a great job David has done building this site. I've only scratched its surface so far, but already it has given me quite a nostalgic trip back in time, as I grew up in Lower Bartlett (Intervale) in the 1950's and 1960's. My folks owned what was then Holiday Inn from 1950 to 1976.You folks have put together a fantastic site and I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing it. Having grown up at Holiday Inn in Intervale in the 50's, I particularly enjoyed the section on the Intervale inns. I remember the fires that claimed many of them. A few years ago, when Linda and Mitch took over what is now the Glen Oaks B&B, my sister Patsy and I put together a small booklet for them that contained the history of the Inn. If you're interested, I'd be happy to email you a copy.  I was five years old when my parents bought the Holiday Inn, just old enough to spend the month of May 1950 attending kindergarten at the old Intervale Schoolhouse, diagonally across the road and the brook from the Inn. That fall I began first grade at the Lower Bartlett School, later the town hall. Mrs James, Miss Lord and Mr Walker were the three teachers; a year or two later I think it was Miss Lord that left, making it a two-room school.

The Maple Villa was directly across the street from Holiday Inn, where I grew up. When we moved there in 1950, the Maple Villa was then called Hampshire House and was an annex to the New England Inn (NEI). At that time, NEI was owned by Tom and Anna Martin, who had a daughter Suzie (now Nickerson). Suzie was about halfway in age between my sister Patsy and me, and we used to play together a lot. Back then, before they built a home beside the NEI tennis court, the Martins lived in part of the Hampshire House and it was a great place to explore with lots of stairways and a great attic. The other thing I remember about the Martins was that Tom smoked cigars. He would occasionally drop in to chat with my folks, Winnie & Ed Houghton, and the smell from that cigar would linger quite a while.

 I read with interest the story of Storyland. Back in the 50's, the inn business was a lot more seasonal, with things pretty quiet in the spring and fall. My folks were the owners of Holiday Inn in Intervale, and like many innkeepers, my Dad, Ed, had a variety of off-season jobs to help make ends meet. One of my Dad's job was working for Bob Morrell when Storyland was being built. He mostly did painting along with some carpentry, and he always recalled having painted the Crooked Little House, the Old Woman's Shoe and others.

may 27 2014:  Larrie Upton  4 Oak Hill Drive  Dover, NH 03820 - 603 742 0617

I am seeking a photo for a historic preservation project in Dover NH. On Feb.9,1893 there was a fire that burned The Strafford County Insane Asylum to the ground killing 43 people that were locked in the building. Please suggest any resources that may help me. Reward!

may 26 2014:  Anna Hatch PearE

I am looking for information on the Brookside house on 16a it is located on the left heading north .I grew up there and my father said that in the cellar there were items that seemed to be from a store .Myrian Eastman told my dad that it was a store and they sold gas there .Which made sense because he found an old gas sign.We however have never seen anything talking about it in any of the history .Thank you for your time.Sincerely Anna Peare

may 19 2014:  doug temple  415 Camp creek road  greeneville, tn 37743

I enjoyed looking at the picture of General Thermostat Corp. My friend Gordon Reingruber and I spent several summers in Bartlett (early 1960's). His father, Frank, was the owner of General Thermostat, not just the manager.

may 19 2014:  Marion ritcey

Love the Bartlett area. Looking for information on Livermore Logging. this has been helpful. thank you

jan 27 2014: sue magro, portsmouth nh

Hello, I just have a question!
I was referred to you by the Bartlett Public Library. My sister and I were in your charming town this past weekend, cross-country skiing on the railroad track groomed trails. I have been trying since to find out information about those abandoned passenger train cars (I think they say "Lackawana" or something on the sides). There are window blinds and padded seats and overhead compartments - I am fascinated and would love to know how long the cars have been there, when that train last carried passengers, and why the cars are just left on the tracks (unfortunately found by graffiti 'artists'). What a great website! Found out everything I could want to know about Bartlett except info on those train cars. Thanks for anything you can tell me!
Sue Magro, Portsmouth, NH

dec 11, 2013: Mark

Hired hand from the Willey Slide is buried in Bartlett. Could you tell me which cemetary and where in town that cemetary is located? Thanks.


Birth: 1789Death: Aug. 28, 1826
David was 37 years old and worked as a hired hand for Samuel Willey, Jr. at the Willey House Inn in Crawford Notch. He died, along with the Willey family and another hired man, from a landslide triggered by violent thunderstorms. They were most likely attempting to escape rising floods from the Saco River when they were caught in the landslide.
Killed at Willey Slide 1826
Garland Ridge Cemetery 
Carroll County
New Hampshire, USA 
Created by: AuntieJ
Record added: Sep 02, 2013 
Find A Grave Memorial# 116456101

dec 09, 2013: rick desmarais

So about 45 years ago, my parents took my sister and I to the Whites, mostly to see Story Land and Six Gun City I think. I have a picture of us standing in front a cabin we occupied when we were vacationing, but my parents' can't remember much more. I do remember as a kid being simply amazed by the Whites; it wasn't for another 12 years or so that I would make it back to do occasional hikes. But I do remember the astonishment I felt at the mountains specifically. So fast forward 45 years and I'm 50, an avid hiker, trip leader and chapter treasurer for the AMC and I'm still trying to find this place that so excited me. I remember we stayed in a white cabin and there was a restaurant where we went for breakfast and I think we could walk there. My hazy memory recalls a matchbook with a grandma in a rocking chair, but I'm not sure I can trust that. We were staying near StoryLand so I'm betting it's Glen or Jackson. I took the only picture I have from that time over to Steve Smith in Lincoln who edits the White Mountain guide, but the roughly 2200-2500 foot hill in the background (my guess) is not distinctive enough. I've been purchasing online tourist guides of the Whites from about 1965 to 1971 but no luck. I think the old Meadowbrook Motel (Will's Inn) might be a possibility, but not sure. Any other ideas? Thanks!

nov 24, 2013: Steve lambert  bernerhof inn

We love reading and seeing these archives. We should meet for a cup of coffee and get to know each other!

Steve and Katey Innkeepers
Bernerhof Inn

nov 10, 2013: valerie calabraro  150 Yvonne Rd - Bellingham, MA 02019

I will always cherish my memories of Bartlett, There are times it feels like it was just yesterday and happy thoughts surface. My grandmother was knowN as Nunny in the town. The swimming who can forget... The Rock, and Second Iron and yes I did jump from the bridge. There were the summer crushes and the best white Christmas a child could wish for. There was that cool diving board at SKY VALLEY oh how I first froze up there and then you could never get me off. There were those cool dances at the VF. Many names I have never forgotten. I have a hard time seeing her house and yard for it has never been the same since her death. I still get up there however, it feels more like I come into town like a thief in the night. Bartlett you will always have a place in my heart,

Sep 15, 2013: Rob Schrull

Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. I was reading something the other day that brought my attention to Livermore. Googling Livermore, I found your series of pages. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for putting it up. As a young boy I would work at a camp in the Lakes region, and while now living in Tokyo for over 10 years, I still have a home in Vermont to which I go in summers. For sure, next trip, I want to hike up and see the old foundations and enjoy the mountains. Reading these has given me a lot of enthusiasm to do this. Thanks!


Aug 31, 2013: Pamela burdwood - 2431 Sunset Blvd - Steubenville, oh 43952

My Grandfather and father's family are all from Bartlett. I consider it my hometown, as far as "roots" go.They Lived right on the main road, and a favorite childhood memory is hearing Uncle Alan Burdwood Blow the train Whistle just for us!

Aug 27, 2013: Patricia Blodget -

I Just found these websites and got interested as I see the name levi bartlett. My uncle levi russel bartlett was named after his uncle levi, he was the brother to my grandfather, fred g. bartlett. levi and fred were born in fond du lac,wi. and came to california. they had bartlett brothers, harvesting company in the stockton,california area. Their mother's name was Elizabeth.

Aug 4, 2013: Lori Wilson - PO Box 1401 - Salem, NH 03079

My sister and I spent alot of time with our dad Ray Wilson in the 60's, 70's and early 8o's at our A-frame on Dundee Road in Intervale. I attended Josiah Bartlett school for the first half of 8th grade, 1974ish. skiing at Attitash and Black Mtn. Intervale will always be 'home' to me.

July 25, 2013:  Debra Quinton - 1343 Eppinger Dr  -  Port Charlotte, FL  33952

For many years my family and I have stayed at the Mountain Home Cabins. We have always enjoyed ourselves. The river is breath taking. John & Diane and Linsey have always made our long trip a real pleasure!
May 28, 2013: Barbara Johnson (Behm) - 4380 Tunnel Hill Rd,  Tunnel Hill, Illinois 62972

all of my family were krunfuss, brandt, schult and behm. and the husbands of some of the krunfuss girls, wendler, coffey, and obrien.   we lived at 136 eastern ave. all my life, went to bartlett grade school from 1956 to 1962, then ellis jr high and elgin high school.

May 22, 2013: Alden Francis Rosbrook/Rosebrook - 34472 N Goldmine Gulch Trail -
Queen Creek AZ 85142

I am a Direct Descendent of Captain Elazer Rosebrook.


May 15, 2013:  Jack Boudreau:  RE; Ray Evans

My family owned The Crawford House, from about 1870 until it was sold along with The Twin Mountain House in 1948. I was lucky enough to meet Raymond Willard Evans on several occasions up at Twin Mountain on Evans Drive. He told me stories about my Great Great Grandfather,for whom he had worked at Crawfords.
I was pretty young, but I remember he had the wooden sign for Crawford House in his back yard, and many other fine photographs and ephemera.

We hiked from Crawford Station to the site of his long gone family home, the Mt. Willard Section House. Built in the 1880's it was torn down by the R.R. in the late 70's, and all that remains is the foundation and furnace, but also a magnificent view. I remember Ray telling me of his Father who was killed in a R.R. accident when Ray was young, and that his mother Hattie raised her family all alone astride a Mountain, and she herself became the Station Agent for Mt. Willard.

People often remember the men of history, but often not the women who kept them going, and carried on after them. For instance my relative Oscar G. Barron of The Fabyan House, died in 1913, and his wife Jennie Lane Barron ran the huge hotel by herself until 1933. From most accounts she improved things, and ran a tight ship. Her Father Dennis Lane of Montpelier Vt invented the Circular Saw (Industrial), so she came of sound stock. Ray Evans was a treasure, and I will never forget him.

Feb 2, 2013:  Merle Burke - Bedford, NH 03110
This is a very good website and a fine tribute to the Town of Bartlett. To those people who have worked so hard to put this together and to all of its contributors, congratulations and thank you..

I notice that you refer to Mrs. Florence Morey, my former employer as, "Madam Morey." Rather than identifying Mrs. Morey by a name that might have been meant as a derogatory nickname (used disrespectfully behind one's back) maybe you should be more respectful and use her real name. When I was twelve, I called Mrs Morey 'Madam' -- not knowing any better. Luckily she didn't hear me. But, after I said it, I thought my two Uncles, Pep and Jake and my grandfather Joe were going to snatch me bald-headed and pull my ears out. I learned a lesson that day!

 I read one time in the Conway Daily Sun, where someone said that she liked to be called 'Madam.' Well, I knew her for a long time and, I never knew of anyone ever calling her Madam to her face!!

Editors note:  The term 'madam' is defined as a polite form of address for a woman, or a courtesy title.  also the mistress of a household.  The usage is consistant with historical articles.  In Marion Varney's "Harts Location in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire's Smallest town", published 1997, there is reference to the title "Madam" on page 136: "She commenced her long reign as the Madam of Harts Location, as she preferred to be known, in 1928 when she was elected Town Clerk and Selectman."  Since the author, Marion Varney, was a neighbor of Florence Morey there must be some truth to this statement.  There may have been some folks who thought "Madam" referred to the operator of a brothel, however I, for one, never assumed the title to impy any more than one of respect.

But, since most of history is what people remember, I have added this bit of information to the page where Madam Morey is mentioned.  It can be found under the picture of Mrs. Morey's Inn Unique.

Dec 30 2012:  Judith Garland Miller - 128 N Lakeview Drive - Lake Helen, FL 32744

On April 23, 2012 a Beth Gaudette signed the guest book. We are cousins and have been separated a long time. I remember Bethany when she was about 5-6 yrs old. Her Mother, Pauline Garland Gaudette was my father's, Eben Garland, sister. I would like for Beth to get in touch with me as I have a lot of family history already done and would love to share it with her. Judith Garland Miller of Lake Helen Florida .

August 19, 2012:      Barbara Bartlett Sost - Plainsboro, NJ

I have begun my personal search of my wonderful ancesters as a cousin I have since lost conact with indicated we were direct descendants of Josiah. I have traced some of us to parts of Massachusetts and of course NJ. I know I have many cousins out there and would love to connect with them. My father was George D. Bartlett born in Asbury Park, NJ. Feel free to reach out to me if you think we are connected. Looking forward to coming to Bartlett in the very near future.

MAY 25, 2012:  STEPHEN J. TAYLOR  5 Cardiff Court - ALGONQUIN, IL  60102

Many thanks for showing the Silver Springs Lodge place-mat. I worked there during the summer of 1968 at age 14 as my uncle, Emil Hansen owned the place at the time. By then, the gas station was a Mobil station. I checked people into the cabins and campground area, pumped gas and washed windshields, waited on tables in the restaurant, made pizzas and sandwiches for the counter service, and sold groceries in the store. My uncle was also the part-time town constable and I recall directing traffic on US Highway 302 when there was an accident near a railroad crossing --- I thought that it was kind of funny with my uncle in his flannel checkered shirt, a constable's badge pinned to the shirt pocket, and a handgun tucked into a holster directing traffic --- no uniform at all! Great memories of my summer in Bartlett...


My family is from the are and I am looking forward to visiting this summer.

May 18, 2012:    Dave Davidson - Society of Manufacturing Engineers:

I noticed the references to Kearsarge Peg Co. on your home page.  An expanded PowerPoint style presentation on the company's background and history can be viewed by following this link:
 Regards, Dave Davidson SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS Deburring/Surface Finishing Technical Group  

April 23, 2012:  Beth Gaudette, Tamworth, NH 03886

This is a great website! I am working on the family genealogy and this is very informative. Memories of Bartlett, there are many. My grandparents were Grover Garland and Sadie Burke. The family goes back many generations in Bartlett. My parents: Dell and Pauline(Garland)Gaudette also made Bartlett their home. My grandmother, Sadie Garland owned two restaurants, one in Glen beside her home on RT. 16 and Allen Rd where the old Harriets Diner used to be and then again in Bartlett Village across from the old Thermostat Factory and the railroad tracks. Both of my parents worked at the Kearsarge Peg Mill, my mom for 30 years. My dad worked at the CC Camps in Livermore in the early years. I went to Bartlett Elementary. Mrs. Garland, Mrs. Manna, Mrs. Jones, Mr.Walker and Mrs. Davis. If anyone had Mr. Walker they will remember the afternoon square dance lessons that we had every day. (fun but didn't help much) Nothing can compare to the childhood memories, close school friendships (most of which were related) and small town closeness that we had as children. Our graduating class consisted of 12, that was closeness.

Dec 29, 2011: Kim (Dinsmore) Kitsos; 6 Rose Street, Haverhill, Ma 01830

I have been trying to find my family history and so far it leads me to Elijah Dinsmore. He is buried in the Dinsmore Cemetary at Intervale, as also his son, Elijah Dinsmore, Jr.  I was hoping to find a grave of his son Colonel Stephen Dinsmore as well. Thank you, Kim (Dinsmore) Kitsos.

Oct 12, 2011:  Robert J. Girouard, 96 Main St, Acushnet, Ma. 

Love your area. Here I am living in Ma. and loving your area. Bartlett..Livermore.. My Grandfather Pierre Girouard came from Canada into the USA on 3/11/1912. Wish he went to Bartlett or Livermore. Livermore was known for Canadian woodsmen. But in my research I find no Girouard's in Bartlett or Livermore. My Grandfather and Grandmother came to New Bedford Ma. to work in the Cotton Factories..oh well Shh!! My wife thinks in my past life I lived in your area..Bartlett..Livermore..or Carrigain....Mmm I think she could be right!!!

OCT 12, 2011:  Cheryl Alander, 25 River Street, Bartlett

 I love this website. Wonderful to be able to view the past. Thank you!

Sept 30, 2011:  Candy Brassard - WASHINGTON. DC 

 My dad, Lawrence C. DuPont is buried in the Garland Ridge Cemetery. He was a WWII veteran, served at Omaha Beach, Normandy on D Day and liberated a concentration camp in Germany. He was absolutely amazing as a husband and as a father to us 3 kids. He was also wonderful to his parents. Any history on the cemetery would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather Angus MacDonald is also buried there. A beautiful place.

September 24, 2011:  Rick Garon - 8 Hollis Drive - Hampstead, NH:

  Although I only spent my summers and school vacations with my grandparent Adalbert and Olive Garon, I feel somewhat connected with Bartlett. My father Raymond graduated from BHS in the 40's. My grandfather worked for the RR as station agent in Bartlett, Crawford's, Sawyer River and Whitefield. The Drowns of Bartlett are my ancestors on my grandmother's side. I have many great memories hanging around with the kids of Bartlett: Roger Clemons, Merle Burke, the Trecartens, Diane Dudley, etc. Haying with Dale Trecarten, 2nd Iron. Keep up the good work. I'll visit the site often.

September 21, 2011:   Liz Pace, 41 Puddingstone lane, Bellingham, Mass:  

   It was so nice to see the pictures of the flood on River Street from 1967 with my grandparents Betty & Win Whitman. Would love to get a copy of those pictures.   (Note: the pictures referred to are here  )

Aug 23, 2011:  Rick Garon 8 Hollis Dr. Hampstead, NH 

I have many fond memories of Bartlett from 6yrs old to 14yrs old. I used to spend my summers in Bartlett with my grandparents, Albert and Olive (Drown) Garon. My father graduated from BHS around 1943. I'm seeing names on the website that I knew in the 60's. My great-great grandmother was Mary Abigail Cook, born in Porter ME in 1830 and died in Bartlett (West Side Rd.) Buried at Hill Cemetary. Can never seem to find it. Anyway, Dave, great job on the new look of the web site. I'll come back often. Rick Garon Ask Constance Dudley if she remembers me. I had a summer crush on her sister Diane back in the 50's and 60's.

Aug 1, 2011: Lois A Mullen 6688 Dabney street Fort meyers fl

I learned (to love)so much here!!! My heart aches for 'the Village'.

Dec 1, 2010:  Wanda Abbott Langford  Edgewater, Florida 32132I have so many fond memories of growing up in Bartlett; how lucky we were! Thank you, David, for putting this together and allowing us all a peek at the past.
Editor note: you're welcome...some of us are still here, AND still "growing-up"

Sept 6, 2010:  Cherry: 107 Seboeis Road; howland maine 04448

I am very interested in your Web-site as my Great grandparents- Archibald & Rebecca (Haddock) Allan lived in Bartlett/Glen & am Pleased to find this on-line!

JULY 31 2010: I am doing some research on the Knight Family. George Washington Knight and George Lincoln Knight came to Bartlett as permanent residents in or about 1881. They both lived the rest of thier lives in Bartlett. George W's daughter and husband also were in Bartlett or Hart's Location from 1881 to 1883. During that time Nellie J and Myrtle F Rich were born. The on-line Bartlett Town Report of 1892 does not list either one. Does some one have access to the 1890 and 1891 Town Report for Bartlett and the 1889-1892 Reports for Hart's Location or Livermore?  Could they either e-mail a copy of the appropriate pages or send me copies? George C Rich was the father and Viola Knight Rich the mother. After they were in Bartlett, George Rich moved to Lancaster where he worked for the MEC until 1914 when he opened a butcher market on Main St. Charles Curtis Rich, George and Viola's son, came back to Bartlett with the MEC around 1909. He was a car inspector and then went to Rhode Island and Connecticut for the rest of his life. He is buried in Lancaster. While they were here they had Myrtle B in 1916. Please see if there is a record in the 1917 Bartlett Town Record also. Thank you for your help Dave Flewelling (REPLIES CAN BE SENT USING THE 'contact us' form here at the website)

AUG 2, 2010:   SYLVIA GRAY,  Wausau, Florida 32463
 My Grandparents John G. Markley and Mary W. Markley bought 80 acres on Jericho rd. around 1959 from Mr. Cannell. I spent my summers there as a child for 16 years. I still dream of being there quite often. I have never seen such a beautiful place since. The wonderful memories of swimming in the rocky Branch River and the trips to Silver Springs after dinner with my Grandfather to get penny candy.There was a small farm across the street from my Grandparents owned by Everett and Nellie Towle and Earnest and Isabelle Grey. That is where I fell in love with cows. I spent many hours playing in their barn and pasture with their grandchildren. I remember going to the Post Office with my Grandfather. It was in a house on 302 and I believe the postmasters name was Mrs. Chandler.I went to bibl! e school at a little white church across the street from what is now the Red Parka Pub. I still have my diploma. I just loved looking at your old photos. I have copies of some very old photos of the Rocky Branch that I will dig out and send you

AUGUST 10, 2010:  Lorraine Judd Holt    Divide, Co. 80814:
   This is a great website, found it by accident. I love Bartlett, both my mother's family, the Ainsworths, and my father's family, the Judds, lived there when I was growing up. It was a special town, no better place to grow up.


  David has done a superb job in putting together some of the history of Barlett. Having spent my first nineteen years theRE and exploring, hunting, fishing, education, and just plain fun there are a lot of memories. The town today does not resemble the town
 as I remember it. Thanks for the memories.

May 24, 2010:  Linda Suzanne Chapman Rademacher - 12819 Longleaf Lane- Herndon, Va 20170

Adam Barttelot (1046-1100) was my 27th Great Grandfather. The Barrtelot/Bartlett name was in my family up to the birth of my Great Grandmother, Frances Bartlett born 1880. My Grandmother\'s name was Frances Bartlett Prest born 1898. I have been working with tree maker and I haven\'t quit figured out what number Josiah Bartlett is but he is either my cousin or Uncle.   Thank you for having the Bartlett History on the internet.

Jan 19, 2010:  Peter and Lis Boucher Box: 1817 Orchard Rd. Berlin, CT. 06037 We have been visitors to the area for 30 yrs., residents (part time) for 4 yrs. at Bartlett Place; and soon to be owners of a new home on Parker Ridge Rd. We love Bartlett and the whole Mt. Washington Valley and hope to eventually spend ALL of our time here. We hope to get acquainted with alot of those connected with the Historical Society and Bartlett in general...

November 14, 2009 Clint Burke Jr  9945 saw mill road charlotte, nc 28278

It always seems we come home for a funeral and remember how much we enjoyed growing up in Bartlett  

October 30, 2009  Larry Chase  po box 514  Conway, NH, 03818

October 21, 2009 Dave Flewelling 104 Main St Orono, Me 04473

Great addition for genealogists to have the link to the Town Reports. Nice layout and pretty easy to navigate throughout. Good Job.  

October 20, 2009:  

The new Bartlett web site is great. I'll be exploring it frequently. I wish I could be at the annual meeting to hear Mr. Peter Crane talk about Livermore. My grandparents, Charles and Martha Knight used to live in Livermore. Grandpa Knight was the train engineer on the steam train that hauled logs out to the main line in Crawford Notch.  My association with Livermore is that my dad, Edward Boynton Knight, used to take me deer hunting around Livermore during the mid 1950s. Brian A. Knight Great-great-grandson of George Washington Knight; Great-grandson of George Lincoln and Lillias (Sarson) Knight;  Grandson of Charles Edward and Martha (Boynton) Knight;   Son of Edward Boynton and Sophie Knight  Citizen of Bartlett, NH (years ago and still in heart)

October 20, 2009: Brian A. Knight PO Box: Box 184 Ringwood, IL 60072

One of my many fond memories of Bartlett is being in first grade (1944-45 school year) with Mrs. Lucielle Garland as teacher. She would line us up every morning and have us hold our hands in front of us. She then checked to make sure we had clean hands and clean fingernails. She was a wonderful person and teacher.

Oct 18, 2009  Bert George  PO Box 188  Bartlett, NH 03812  

This is the next generation of the Bartlett Historical Society's web site and our web master, David Eliason, is doing a great job making it interactive. Hopefully members and friends will provide input that will further enhance the site and make Bartlett history more personal and interesting. Thanks David!   PS Don't forget to send your message by using the link in at the top of this page.

Oct 18, 2009  Deb Alpstrusse  Intervale, NH

 A Bartlett Historical website is a wonderful idea.

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