Does anyone have pictures of the 1938 flood ?  Any pictures of Flooding during other years ?  It would be great if they could be here as well.  Tell Dave Eliason what you have and get them on this page.
1936 flood     1936 flood
These newspaper photos show scenes of the 1936 flood.  The top left is the Hilltown Slide of which you can find more pictures HERE

1936 flood    Bridge wrecked in 1936 flood

Left picture is in Crawford Notch.  The Modern Steel Bridge is described as being on the road from Glen to Jackson...BUT, that would be the Ellis River, so this might actually be the Bridge just west of Jericho Road...That's the Rocky Branch River.
Ask and Ye Shall Receive:  Bob Girourard who has contributed substantial material to this website sent these, Oct 2011.

The 1936 Flood
U Tube video by Bob White, Jackson Falls during Tropical Storm Irene, August 28, 2011

Same date, Goodrich Falls:
1967 River Street  Bartlett NH Flooding 1967  River Street 1967 Winn Whitney
1967 Flooding on River Street; Middle picture is Route 302 just west of the old Silver Springs Campground; Win Whitman above
A dozen pictures, 2011 top and 1967 below
1967 River Street Bridge  1967 River St Flooding  1967 River Street Bartlett NH
1967 Flooding on River Street:  Middle Picture is Betty Whitman.  Photos courtesy of Maureen Hussey.Click Pic for Larger
Bartlett Big Floods, 1967 and 2011
2011 River Street  2011  2011 River St
River Street in Bartlett Village New Hampshire after Tropical Storm Irene August 29, 2011.  Click picture for larger.
2011  2011  Washout
Flooding on River Street is nothing new...  The pictures of a 1967 flood follow below:
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