Glen NH 1952
1952 Aerial Photos
Click on the picture for a super high resolution version.  Find your house if it was there.  Cars and people walking on streets very visible.  Find the Bartlett Hotel, Thermostat Factory, the old High School (brown building) and the Railroad Station.

The picture below shows a large Gas Station/ Garage near the present day Post Office, The Railroad Round House, Garlands Restaurant and Cabins and a large structure on the site of the present day Cabin Fever Restaurant.  Robert Pettengill tells me it was an oil distribution company owned by Wilfred Mead (1896-1974).  It burned in a horrific fire in 1953.
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1952 aerial photo Intervale NH
1952: Intervale just west of the Scenic Vista,  Hurricane Mountain Road at bottom,  Ray Houle's Yankee Peddlar is the big white building, formerly the Foss Croft Inn.  I was told it's original location was on the other side of Rte 16 and Mr Houle moved it.   Click the Picture for a large version.
Flying onward to Glen Corner...
Bernerhoff Inn, 1952
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1952 Bartlett Village
This is the first photo in a package of about 20 aerial photos taken during the winter of 1952.  This series begins at Silver Springs and goes to the Glen intersection.  I Also have some for Intervale, Kearsarge and Jackson. 

All will be posted here eventually.  Keep checking back for updates.  
These photos were taken by Alan Eliason who owned Sky Valley and operated a professional photo studio in Chestertown, Maryland at that time.  They were found in his collections of thousands of photos from 1930 to 2013.

Mr Eliason died in August 2013 and I think he would be pleased that these photos have found a home.
Bartlett Historical Society
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Mountain Home Cabins 1952
Bartlett Village School 1956
Peg Mill Bartlett, NH
Bartlett NH,  Village 1955 Looking East
Click on the picture below for a larger version.  You are looking east (from the west end of town).  Get your bearings from the railroad round house.  The Thermostat Factory is hiding behind a cloud of smoke.  The resolution of this photo is not quite as good as the others. 
Click on the picture below for a larger version.  You are looking at the Kearsarge Street Peg Mill in 1952.   
Click on the picture below for a larger version.  You are looking at the Elementary and Junior High School in the Village in the Autumn of 1956.  The addition on the right had just been added in thje past year or two. There was a gymnasiam/basketball court in the upper level of the large part of the school.   Catholic church and the David Dudley (1926-1996) residence are behind.  Audrey Drew lived in the house to the right.  Her kids were Theresa and Henry Lemire. 
Mountain Home Cabins Bartlett, NH  1952
Click on the pictures below for a larger version.  You are looking at the Mountain Home Cabins in 1952.  Is that larger cabin in the back still there?  I think this was still operating as a dairy farm at this time and all the cows must have been in the barn.   
Click on the pictures below for a larger version.  You are looking at Silver Springs Lodge, later to be Silver Springs Campground, in the winter of 1952.  In the enlarged picture you can see there was also a Texaco gas station.  On the right is Cobb Farm Road, then the Saco River and that's Route 302 making a graceful turn to the right on the way into Bartlett Village. 

Those of you less than 30 years old may not be familiar with this location, but it's about 1 mile west of the Village on the way to Harts Location.  There is still a building there, but not this one.  This building burned in the early 1960's.  
Silver Springs Lodge Campground
Site of the Bell Hurst in Bartlett, NH dated 1952
Meanwhile, a few miles down the road towards Glen,  Just a quarter mile past Attitash, you would have come to the Bell Hurst.    It had the main building with lodging and food as well as a few cabins.  In 1967 the barn had been replaced and the new building operated as a Sauna facility.   Todays Scarecrow Pub got its start in the barn location and when it  burned they moved to their current location in Intervale.  Maybe someone can ask George if he has any pictures of the old site....?    All that's on the site now is the Sauna Building, which appears to be used as  an apartment building. During November of 2013 the last of the old-time cottages was demolished.  At the lower left, across the railroad tracks, there appears to be an apple orchard.  I wonder if that's still there?  Someone must know?

And, a bit further east,  The Woodshed was being operated by Bill and Evelyn Gimber.  It has the main building with lodging and food as well as separate cabins.  The main building and barn are still there and well maintained  by Norman and Kathleen Head.  The cabin units are all gone.  There appears to be a couple of buildings across the street that may have been part of the operation???   The stone steps leading up to those buildings are still there today...usually with flowers planted.

The Woodshed Bartlett, NH  1952
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You don't have to know what you're looking for...Just start looking.  Click the files....
Saco River Cabins, Glen NH  1952
And, travelling along,on the right, across from the covered bridge,  The Saco River Cabins was being operated by the Kennison's.  They owned it from about 1940 until 1969.  From 1969 to 1992 the property was owned and operated by Clara and Al Forbes.  Mr Forbes also operated a gas station and repair facility in North Conway.  I remember him as the man with the big smile.   The cabins have been replaced with fancy new residences.  As always, if someone out there has memorabilia we would like to include it in this website.  Talk to Norman Head or Dave Eliason.

And, Just down the street,  The Bernerhoff was there, just about as it is today, although it had many different names and has undergone extensive renovations over the years.    It was originally opened in 1893 as The Pleasant Valley Hall and operated by a man named Hall.   In 1928 it was purchased by David and Marion Irving and renamed to Pleasant Valley Farm.  In 1937 T.H. Brooks took over and renamed it to Glenwood by the Saco.  It's said he chose that name because he really liked the big Glenwood stove in the kitchen.  In 1955 the Zumsteins purchased the property and settled on the name, Bernerhoff.  Read all the history of this building at this link.

Glen NH 1952
 If you look carefully there's a traffic accident in process at the Glen junction in Glen, If you need a clue, the picture at left has todays Storybook Inn at the center of picture.  No gas station, no Dairy Queen, No Shopping Center, no Patch's Marketplace.  You can find the Red Parka Pub, which was Grants Hardware Store in 1952.    Just barely visible is Margarita Grill, which at this time was Sanborn's Store, which sold groceries and gasoline.